I'm too hot for ugly people and too ugly for hot people
Devinette Devinette
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U sound perfect

I know what you mean....painfully

hello there devinette me his asissy adult baby 247 so will you please chat with me fwiend baby glencoe2

that sounds wonderful :)

I feel exactly the same way! I imagine that the way I feel towards ugly people is the way hot people feel towards me. I never really thought about it like that, instead thinking, "Oh, well **** them. Why wouldn't they be interested in me?" Now I am ashamed. :(

Oh, the feels T_T

Maybe you are your own worst enemy. Aren't we all? At the end of the day, it only takes one person to make you feel invincible. Everything else is irrelevant.

Exactly lol :)

You are not ugly!! U are beautiful the way u are :)

Less than three. <3!

lol I like this reminds me of my own situation

So your fugly

Do u have a ***** and some ****? Ask no more....

Wanna talk dirty?


Call me. I'll take ya to dinner

Would you like to get to know each other?

Are you too hot for yourself?

That sir, is a very tricky question.

An answer that is not really an answer... very clever miss "inette". You might be a super villain, but my question stands.

Lol. I need some sleep.

Well just go down the middle and love yourself...

This is just perfect.

So that's average? Lol

Remember though- looks are temporary.

They only last until you die

Only a small blink in time


eat something, you're hungry.

Make me a sandwich!

I dont even make my own sandwich. ^^

You spoiled spoiledddd child.

not really. just a bit lazy. ^^


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Well that's not a healthy way of looking at, beyond initial attraction the aspects of a person outside of their control shouldn't determine whether or not you should date them. It's understandable that you wouldn't be attracted to a person that's content in having poor hygiene, a lack of exercise or a bad diet but give people who aren't insanely attractive but working on it a chance, as well as work on yourself to attract people you might be more interested in, and you might be surprised what you find. If not there's always the single life.

Looks like you in here the whole day, that's not hot, it's cool !

wanna go out? 2515899228.
please just text!

yes... I'm am familiar with your problem....

Haha hi babe

Well this is funny but my fear is you didn't mean it to be.

No need to be afraid lol

Oh good. You were joking. Amazing hair though!

Thanks, tumblr pic!

Oh ok.

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really? mmmm im joe. pleased to meet you. im told that im cute so if your interested in me, let me know ok?

So give ugly people a chance or climb up to the next level of beauty.

What are the levels of beauty?

Witch ugly, Neanderthal ugly, Pretty ugly/deformed, ugly, not so ugly, Neutral, a bit pretty, Pretty hot looking, Hot/Attractive, Sizzling hot, Megan Fox/Ricky Martin Hot.


Where do you fall on my scale of beauty?

1. Augh, my eyes!
2. Yikes
3. He/she has a nice personality
4. I'd hit that

5. Oops, I c&@$ already

Wizard, your list is a bit more clear haha.

Close2you, i repeaattt: I'm too hot for ugly people and too ugly for hot people.

I use the Belgian system

Great, i'm voting for you on the 25th of may.

I will declare your birthday the Festival of Goldilocks.

You are all invited!

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I used to quite hot, then I had strokes and now im just damn ugly..so I get where your coming from...

Are you okay?

yeah im fine. every day is a fresh adjustment but I live with it and I think I coe well for it so yeah, life is looking up.

and ?????

lol lov that saying

-_- the ****....

Another sheep following the crowd.

That is funny.... I think we all feel that way at times when we forget who we are. We are not the person you see by vision or sound. It is what we do and how we carry ourselves that matters to others more, by nature. Believe it or not, life is not all or everything you have been told in life. Many things you have to discover on your own, so as for you statement, you are not ugly, and perhaps to some by looks you are a vision unmatched by models, yet your whole persona is what makes you and who the you are. I am certain you are a sweet person, that is who people see, in case you always wondered, not your looks. Remember, Satan was Gods first child till he fell, AKA the Angel of light, the most beautiful angel in God's creation. Beauty really is over stated, good hearts under rated. Beso!

I got round the issue by permanently wearing a paper bag, and leaving people to guess.

HAHA. Well, you put a little smile on my face. You're hot. -thumbs up-

How do we know it's not a really hot bag?

It rained and turned the bag to mush! I now look like someone with a serious dermatological condition.


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What does that have to do with anything?

What doesn't that have to do with anything? Define ''anything''.

I'm sorry allow me to elaborate then-- why does hot have anything to do with this equation? When you are a little more mature you will understand that hot means little to nothing in reality! It makes people sound so shallow when they use that term! Good luck figuring things out!

Yeah I'm immature, that'd be it. Thanks for this wise wiiise lesson. See that kids? Real beauty is on the inside. -thumbs up-

I was just trying to offer you some constructive advise. I wasn't trying to be demeaning or belittle you in any way! I am sure that I was probably less mature than you are at your age,because usually girls are a little more mature than boys when you are young anyway! As I said before Good Luck!

Myth busted.

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lol! but you're funny enough for both :)

Me likes you!

U r hot as fire in one word

Well aren't you in a pickle of a nickel!

That is hilarious and I think many of us have felt that way at least once or twice! Looks are relative though, as you know; what's hot to me might be average to the next person. Now put your "hot" on and go get 'em tigress!

lol who does this make sense??


oh for some reason my response got posted in the wrong spot...lol i was trying to reply to hers

You think? You THINK? Oelala.

Don't forget to add that you are kinda shallow too.

That is rubbish. It is the person not just the looks

"Never judge a book by its cover" If you're basing your relationships mainly on looks you're going to miss out knowing some really terrific people.

What if the book is: "Everyone Poops" by Taro Gomi? The cover is pretty accurate


Story of my love life


Some people have no sense of humor.


were you looking for someone to tell you that you are hilarious? LOL

I'm not that desperate. Your 'joke' failed.

You must be goldilocks... You're just right.

Is this a complaint? A declaration? An elaboration? A contemplation? What exactly is the point that you would like to make?
A little friendly advice:
The beauty of the heart is immeasurable
The ugliness of a soul has not limits
It's up to us to choose which it is that we want to strengthen...Our Ugliness or Our Beauty...
That which we feed, will blossom into what we become...


Much obliged by your compliment.

First deep post by a male I've come across.. good job bud..

well that kind of attitude isn't going to help

Going to help me with what?

you are in the middle...the worst place

Well then I believe that makes to of us. feel free to add me if you want to chat :)




I feel about the same

What if I'm not hot or ugly?

Then you can make a wish.

I wish I wasn't so cold and boring.

Best solution: taking a nap.

I've done that before so I don't think it will transform me into something hot or ugly.

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I'm betting you're not too hot for ugly people...

This hurts, boohoo.

that sounds as if you where somehow perfect

Yoza welcome to the cub

Bottle full of bub -pssshh-

We'll I'm more of a larger kind of guy but u know any alcohol will haha:)(:

So r u like gona send me the bottle in the mail I wouldn't mind a taste:)

Thats funny :D

L-o-l smiley face

Don't you use them? :P

Hmm...i m ugli

Inner beauty is what counts. -lol-

Yeah...so i c u as hot

Thts really awesome..

Meeeeh, not rili.

You r funny too..

Too much sarcasm in one conversation.

Get a shower in cold water.. So u will be cool as well as neat.

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This is my exact problem:p

no offense but u r too old for that kind of stuff

Shut up I have thought that all the time since I was 16.

sorry didn't mean to offend u

A wise man once said: "Silence is the best to reply a fool."

Thanks for the apology tho.

This is a place to be real and honest not judge people.

i know wen to apologize

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lolz wat makes u think like that :)

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Why am I doing to to myyyyyyyy seeeelffff.

hmm then try stop looking yurself with yur eyes

do u want to be my sub???

Kshhht, buzz off. *whip sound*

take the whip pull u toward me n spank u

then give u a deep kiss