Single and Hating It

Even though I had to break off from the relationship because it was a bad one and yes its better to be single and alone than alone in a relationship.

Still being single sucks the older you get.  When you are young and in high school or college, being single is actually the ideal to go out and date as many people as you want and flirt and just have fun.

But when you are an adult there is no time to meet anyone and the few people you do meet all are not great and you just cant help but feel the clock ticking away at you while you ask yourself if you will always be alone and when you will meet the right person for you?

It also doesn't help when all your friends are attached and you feel like you are the only person in your world who is alone.  And since all your friends are attached, they have no time for you and can not relate to you so you feel even more alone than ever. 

Plus, dating sucks.  It takes such effort and involves so many games, its like a job interview that never ends and nobody really ever seems to win at.  So much easier if the right person just popped into my life (I keep hoping that will happen...)

Although there are aspects to being single that are fun: you get to be selfish and do whatever you want.

But  then there is always the closeness of a loving relationship that just cant be beat no matter what.

I am just really tired of being single...

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3 Responses Jan 19, 2009

well this post is bang on.<br />
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i hate being single. to make things worst ive never been in a relationship either.<br />
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im not worth anyone's time, or even thier money! like if ONE person could like buy me a drink or something for once instead of me being the sad lonely person stuck at the bar by myself while all my friends are off with guys somewhere, i would feel a bit better inside.<br />
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Im sick of being cold and alone, and yeah the clock ticking metaphor-so true. my looks and everything are all downhill from here, and im only getting older :(

I can understand how you feel. It is nice to have someone to go home to at the end of the day. I am older than you and the dating thing isn't easy at all. I never thought of it like a job interview but I guess your right about that. I think as far as finding that one, would be alot easier if people would leave there mask at home. I have met some what seemed very nice ladies. But once I got to know them a little better I saw them for what they truely were. No I am noy saying just women do it. Guys are the same way. I hear some of the bs they talk trying to impress some lady it cracks me up. If people would just be themselves it would make it alot easier. Good Luck

kistbymydragon - I am 26 as well yet when it comes to datnig sometimes I feel 46! I have also been there and done that with the whole going out and living it up thing - that was fine in college when you are 21 but not when you are working full fledged adult with responsibilities and bills. <BR><BR>I love your comment about partners in crime that is so true. I def want to find someone who is not only my boyfriend but also my best friend.