Oh yes I am! i've never dated anyone before but that's okay I'm pretty happy being single :)
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Same here, Single but happy. Never dated anyone till now and still no plan for future

Same here!!! XD

please don't take wrong. bcoz i am crazy.

i like your thought but without anyone nothing in life.

good for you;)

until enjoying the other stuff how come you are saying... being single happy?

I didn't date til I was in my 20s. Life doesn't have to be about being 50pc of something

All that matters is what works for you.

hey I like

This is really cool.
You've actually saved yourself from the heartache and pain of breakups that most girls go thru.
Happy for you ;-)

Once you find love ... that will all change.

well id say thats a good thing i suppose

same here

good :)

I would like to get to know you

Add me to your circle

Good for you! I didn't start really "dating" until this past year. People tend to look at you weird if you're in your 20's and haven't gotten involved in that scene yet, but it's completely normal. Take your time and enjoy the freedom ;)

Woah, you're 22 (at least) and you've never dated? It must be a different kind of experience

Why? Did anyone tried to date you though?

nah... I don't like males or females xD ... I just watch as the stupid people destroy there lives...

being plump is being good. Love yourself.


It doesnt what the outside its the inside your pretty btw

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Hey sheshka.. turn lesbian, its good, loads of girls are doing and I think you should do because its the "trend" ... ahhahah xD.. no but seriously try it, its a nice experience and guys are dogs anyway.

but i am not happy to be single and virgin lol....

same here


Let me stick it in your butt...

Well it's obviously your choice to be single . I think you look so pretty..
But it's a shame, it's kinda nice to be in a relationship ...
But take your time choose wisely pretty one :-)

Enjoy ur singlism

r u from india.


*Indian freshy accent* would You like the chicken curry mister simon? >.<

I kind of fall in love with every girl I see. Wonder what that makes me. Still single I guess :).

................ .just kidding. nice day.

Your such as easy guy... LOLOLOLOLOL xD



high 5 in being single