Lets see how many hearts we can get!
manyquestions101 manyquestions101
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6 Responses Jun 29, 2014

80th heart. yeeeeah. I guess I'ma be single for 80 years from now. Challenge accepted.

thanks guys! <3

Same here and loving it.

i hearted

Thank ya

no prob

Even though I am single I like it this way and I am single for a while now. But the thing is I feel very connected to others and that means I don't feel alone at all. I also have family who needs me at the moment. I don't have kidz put my friends kidz sometimes feel like my own because they love and I love them. So I don't miss out in being loved and also giving love back. I can wait untill the right person come and is ready... I don't want to let my ego decide when this time comes.

hearted this even though I do not heart being single. it sux