No offence but if you're 12 you can't be complaining about how you've been single all your life and that relationships don't work for you lol
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bless you for saying that.


When I look at the "I am single" group, all I see is kids crying that they are single and fear remaining so for the rest of their lives. At that moment, I hate being single just for that reason.

16-17 year old's complaining that they'll be single forever after 1 or 2 failed relationships, hard to believe.

I could say something really awful, or really pleasant towards this topic, however all I can really say is... Tortured minds really do surpass time

Glad someone said it

Ahaha I'm a lot older than that and I don't have much to say :/ wtf is wrong with this generation

You are only 6 years older than her its not a generation.

You're right. I was born in the 90's and she's born in the 2k's that was what I intended to distinguish. I just couldn't find a more appropriate word. Decade?

*rolls eyes*


It's really annoying to read such posts.. People fed up of their lives at 16-19?Really?
Most of them haven't even seen what life is.
There are people in the world who feel lucky if then can survive another day and than these cry babies.

Wt u said is really correct..
There's more to see n experience in life.. N teenagers live in a different world.. There's reality to be faced..
Stay tuned in life.. Explore. Find paths. Dig it. Ser the world how is. How thirsty people live to survive, for fame, money.. Wt nt...
Live n experience.. New day. New sun shine. Hopes to survive . Be happy. Make others happy :)

How can you say that? Lots of young people doing today. Re think your story sister.

twelvies unite, Oh you think thats bad, I think Australia has it the worst, These twelvies are drinking til they puke,Partying til the morning, Unprotected sex ( when i was twelve i just played my 64) and Slutty clothing :O, its so hard to differentiate between the 21s and the twelvies now :'( feels like every guy is being **** teased.........

Just think what they will be like when they reach 21 if they are so lucky?

Amen, sister!!!

1000000000000 % accurate

Lol. Ok :)
Am yet single... Trying my luck to mingle with.. But not lucky yet..

As a man who just went through having his woman cheat and leave him for another after a nearly 4 year relationship......I thought this was amusing to read... :).


Lol..I smiled everytime I saw their stories..but no matter what age, it hurts exactly tge the same lol

That's so true. I have heard so many people say that. What is also annoying is when they say "i miss him so much. He meant everything to me. I dont know why he broke up with me." It's pretty funny because they dont even know what it means to be in a relationship.

Someone said they'd been in a year long relationship and were really depressed about being single and that they'd never find anyone again... They were 14...

Thank you!!!!, I wanted to say the same thing but didn't want to deal with kids messaging me talking about "you don't know what I've been through" lol

xD lmao! GOOD ONE

How are you? I agree with you.