I never forwarded those chain messages in 2009 :/

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trust me. I forwarded. and I am still single since I was born.

Hahaha, I had a good laugh. Thank you!


Me to

I am single to.

U KNOW ... Its been the same with me .. !
I was starting to have a confidence problem .. like Iam not good enough to be with some 1 . until last year .. when it started like " iam the only man alive " U know the people i used to dream abt were suddenly dying to be with me .. ! Just wait FOR IT !! Use this time as a chance to improve ur self !! have confidence in u !! U KNOW WHAT THEY SAY "" SOME DAY SOME 1 WILL COME IN UR LIFE AND PROVE TO U THAT IT WAS WORTH WAITING FOR ! :) be happy .. hoping good for u

Hahaha... Story of my life. :P

Chain messages in 2009..that is hilarious. Where have you been all my life?

It make sense now...

I'm sure that's it.

ive never believe in those.. they not as real as some people think.. i may be single, but it not for that reason.. their missing out if a girl doesnt want me

I'm not a millionaire because I never responded to that message from a Nigerian prince :(

Omg I'd love to be ur Nigerian Prince!!! =D
... I'm kidding geeez lol I'm not even Nigerian. Now, I CAN be your new jersian Prince... =P

See u at da shoooore



Or that you are depressing.

Um... What

Maybe she is a depressing person.

Lol i doubt that

Lol Hey ive been burning them for people since before computers and e mails were infected with their virus lol. Oh ****. Im 53 and single too. Oh no Secretive lady its not looking good. Quick start up your own and the spell will be broken. lol lol. Maybe you are single because everyone you have met so far have just not been quite right. Hope you are Good. George xxx

hahahahahaha thank you

are you guys kidding me? they are fake

i'm joking. I don't believe in that sh*it

sarcasm buddy :/

at least you get it

:O it makes sense nowww

same. it's worth it I think

yeah....or maybe guys are looking for ****** and there are hardy any normal ones left?

Thanks for the massive generalisation