17 years-old or less kids saying they are sick of being single, are they for real?
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Sometimes it's just plain funny seeing those messages. The last time I had a girlfriend was 2002. And I'm tired of being single. But those posts are good for a chuckle.

I am disgusted by the youth of today.

Welcome to the new world where the kids grow old but never grow up. Where they mature when their **** and dicks grow big, not when they learn to accept that they don't know. Where "Deserve before you Desire" Is something associated to a loser's life.

Well these days relationships come up at really young age.. So when all their friends have relationship.. They get kind of jealous and "sick" of being lonely..

i dont think they are for real,they just wanna have sex for pleasure...

i dont think they are for real,they just wanna have sex for pleasure...

I personally encourage early relationships, they prepare an individual to have a better relationship in future rather than those who have none and once betrayed they develop un neccessary hatred towards a particular sex. Am not saying its right to start at an age of 13 though, i also know too early relationships may destort learning efficiency of the kids since they will spend most of their time having fantasies. However at an age of 18 and above its quite okay or at early 17. Its better to be betrayed now than when in a marriage.

Isn't it ridiculous? They're starting earlier and earlier these days... 13 year olds think they'll die alone if they don't start dating right now. :/

Yeah I'm sick of being single :3

Oh they for real.... lol Yeah I'm single as well, had a good relationship about 2 years ago. Haven't been in one since. I would love to have another partner again, but I guess I'll leave that to fate.

While Im here sick of being in a relationship

I think that is how you feel at that age, all drama and no patience... Still in my day (can't believe I just said that) I hadn't had my first serious bf yet... Lol. How the generations change.. If I could give them advice I'd say 'whats the rush enjoy being single you have your whole life to be a couple' but it would never mean anything to them:-)... That's youth for you

Falls roughly in the same category as 13 - 15 year olds who think they're 'failures in life' and 50 -60 year olds who are just now finding out the world's a 'sad place'.

I know it sounds ridiculous but it's the age. Immature? Yes, but at that age they can't see past the more superficial things. Good luck to you


Maybe if you PARENTS would show you're children the love and affection and attention............

Amen we would stop looking for sygnifigant others

(or stop getting pregnant.)


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i love it .....single free to anything....!!

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They think they're for real.

Damn like what only adult wld are allowed to have Fuckkin feelings?

I'm not sure what you were actually trying to say? What's "wld" and "Fufckkin"? Being single is not a feeling either. It's more of an absence of feelings. But if you're 17 or less please keep on truckin' for you quest to get labeled an ignorant ***** before all your freshmen friends beat you to it.

Lmfao how old r u 25? Maybe that's why ur to much of a dumbass to figure out what wld means lol. ***** just cuz guys like me don't mean imma ***** sorry to disappoint u but I have a boyfriend ****.

I wouldn't say that they're stupid, I just think that they prefer to talk to people who are literate and actually spell words out. You don't get taught 'text speak' in elementary school for a reason.

Lol okayy I'm done with you ******* I don't have time for this ✌️

I could tell, your spelling seemed to be in a bit of a rush. Here's a tip: You can shorten boyfriend to 'bae' or 'bf' when you're really in a hurry!

ommg liek u totez dont. my bad lollzz i'm so sry i kno u gots to open ur legz for u b/ff!!! GRATS! TOTEZ JELLY AGAIN BTWW lolz !~

omgosh lololololololol ur so rite liek i didnt even kno wut wld wuz b/c i'm 25 lolzzzz

u hav a b/ff omgodz liek thatz so awsumm liek congratz i'm totez jelly

******* retard

cuz liek seplings shitttz wrong TOTALLY isn't the reezon ur gonna b a droput

😂😂😂 I think u just made my day

glad to hear it :) <3 <3 <3 8====>

I'm an honor student In English it's my best class but thank you really u made my day 😂

so you're an honors student in English but you spelled "you" like "u"? haha. epic. u r defz so kewl

ur soo smartt liek u totez trumpped me liek AND some1 as smrrt as U has a b/ff? OMFGZ LIEK SO LUCKY! im totez jelly!

Lmfaoo K well I don't know why you are still talking this conversation has been over bye now

lolz totez. TTFN lol

What the **** does that mean

How old are you?

Grow up

(whispers) pssst....if your twenty five, then act like it. Just cause you're age has a five in it doesn't mean you have to act it!!

pssst (If you read the responses above, you'd realise that they're making fun of them)

And realize that it is as childish as a five year old temper tantrum. And they say us teens are bad!

Well, you're not really proving a point there. You just stereotyped a whole age band.

How so? By saying they're acting like five year olds?

If you mean a whole age bad, yes. But just ellexruth then no.

I mean her...

Oh ok. You're fine :)


mebbz u can shut ur legz n start readin a book

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I only get upset about it when everyone else around me is with there significant other and laughing at me for not having one.

Yeah that's stupid. Having a 3-week long "relationship" in ******* high school is really and truly nothing to be like... proud of yourself for. I feel your pain, they're like in your face about it and you're like "...seriously?"

Your too young, focus more on your studies and career. Right guy will come on the right time and purpose:)

Some people just need more experience of life. Sitting back don't get it.

when did being in a romantic relationship become a priority in life? teens and kids shouldn't be worrying about things like that, Is being single really that bad? I've been single and I didn't care. I lived my life xD a long the way, I knew I'll fall in romantic love, but I am in no rush.

Most of them just want a boyfriend/girlfriend as a trophy that only lasts for about 2 weeks. I find it pointless. You can't write on your resume 'Dated 5 guys' unless you were going into 'you know what'


It's a total /insert-head-into-desk-to-perform-facedesk moment of ignorance every single time some kid or young adult posts about being single.

That's the world we live in now :(

You think? It is a sad, sad world out there. At least someone gets it.

In my view I think age doesn't matter.. being single also means lonely and they just need someone who they can be real close to share everything which can't be shared to friends I guess..

Single and lonely are two different things. It's dangerous to think otherwise.

My 12year old god sister told me she is not waiting until high school to date because she does not want to. And her mom said she is to young and i told her the same thing. Im 20 and a single mom i love not needing to worry about someone like that and dating. To much work i told her that she is to young and she got mad at me.

People go through stuff.. Especially teens, let them be.. One way or another they will learn what life really is about..

Tell me the reality please? I want your wisdom!

Tell u the reality? Are u not living in one?

I'm going to high school and i like learning and traveling alot! But i hunger perspectives from other especially if thet are older. Tell me pretty please?

Just watch the news, whats happening to the world, the social issues, read the experiences of different kinds of people here... U'll get a glimpse of what te world has become. A reality wherein you have to strive hard and be strong to live. Weak losses at life. A reality wherein some people's dreams are being crushed by fellow dreamers.

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In modern times us teenagers often feel pressure to be dating because it's seen as the mature thing to do and doesn't everyone want to look grown-up amongst their peers sometimes? Also, these days when kids grow up with computers and TVs as their companions they'll understandably long for real human company and connection earlier than kids did back in the day.

Just to clarify - I meant that kids these days will long for company more than those who were children decades ago because back then youngsters actually spent time with together :)

Hahaha no they for play play...hahahahahaha

haha its ridiculous

if i had a 17yo daughter i would be so strict about that and telling her to do her homework

What do you expect? Raging hormones and sexual lust kick in at that age. Trust me, I am at that age.

Yeah I can understand the effects of raging hormones. But, you know, it's incredible to see stories like "I'm 17 and I have been single all my life, I guess I will always be alone." It sounds crazy to me.

People just want attention.

Well if ur single ur whole life then u have a right to complain.....😒

Only if you feel like it's a matter of life and death to have someone to snuggle for 2 weeks.

Dude i know im only 25 and we all thought the 90's kids were bad! At least 16 and ****** pregnant wasn't on back then...