Hi. :)

I'm awesome and single and I actually just want to say single for now since I just got out of a long relationship. But I am looking to make friends! haha let's see. I'm gonna make describing me:

1. I'm 18.

2. I'm confident in myself.

3. I go to a university.

4. I live in dorms.

5. I love food.

6. I 'm skinny and I can eat all the yummy fatty foods I want.

7. Small boobies, big yummy butt!

8. I'm cute.

9. I make a great girlfriend.

10. I'm beautiful.

11. I love all my friends.

12. I like to take care of my boyfriend and make him feel confident and loved.

13. I also like to make him feel good, if you know what I mean. ;)

14. I love to laugh.

15. I love to skip.

16. I am a very, very happy person.

17. I would be like sunshine in your life.

18. But I don't like to be around depressed people anymore, because they bring me down. I surround myself with happy people.

19. Although, I don't like to be around depressed people, I still would be their friend and try to make them feel better. But if they don't take my advice and don't try, then why should I try?

20. Anywho, I'm a dork.

21. I embarrass myself often.

22. My favorite number is 22.

23. I love to bake.

24. I love to cuddle and kiss and all sorts of lovey dovey stuff.

25. I wuv puppies.

26. I love me too.

27. I am thankful to God for my wonderful life.

28. wanna be my friend? ^_^

minnie22mouse minnie22mouse
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Nice story :)

Yeah, 18+

awww buddy, I hope you feel better soon. You can be my friend if you want! :)

Lol, wow, I guess it's just because I'm getting over someone, but as I read the list, i was like "Yep that's her, yep that's her too..." and so on.<br />
Grrrr, I love being single until a chance gets passed up, then it's just harsh.<br />
Anywho, cool list, and g'luck!

cool. Thanks! :)