It makes me sad that so many of the people in this group are 13-15 years old and are desperately looking for someone. Please, do not waste your time. Build your personalities and self-esteem before going into a relationship. Do not look for love because you are lonely.... I made that mistake and it cost me dearly.

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My dear;i've read on EP that "12-13"year olds are desperately looking---now that is sick(thank you all the technology) no time to just be kids growing up what a shame.....

Excellent, sweetie!

My sentiments exactly! :)

Thank you. :)

Unfortunately, most people have to learn this one for themselves ... but good on you for trying.

Build your personalities and self-esteem are very important

they have not been taught about the reasonable reasoning

Great post. :)

good advise right there. i am 32 just ended a 7 yr relationship and i am busy doing me and being ok with it before i even consider a new relationship

13-15 year olds looking for love. its a shame

preach it sister


"I ned a grill naow or il di of lonlies guiz. Iv ben lvng sch a hard life of lonlies pls lve me :'((((( "

Uh oh!

????? Yo speak English hermano! :p

Si hermana! Mi hablo ingles mucho bien!



Yes, I can speak english.

I just felt like saying strawberry milk. XD

I didn't even know that's what it means lol.

I was trying to say that I speak it XD my knowledge of Japanese is extremely limited. I do plan to take courses to learn it in college though.

It means " do you speak english?"

I see. I've made quite a fool of myself then. On multiple occasions! x.x

Also, you would use Kanji in this case. Hiragana and Katakana represent sounds.

Have you learned your kenji yet? >:)

I haven't even touched kanji. I only know the very basic stuff. I'm not even 100% confident with katakana yet.

To correct your phrase, (ugh I hope I don't come off as a picky jerk), θ‹±θͺžγŒ hana γ›γΎγ™γ‹οΌŸ

θ©± for hana.

I see. I'll have to practice it a lot more and learn more about kanji. I currently know nothing about it. It was good talking to you though. Maybe we can talk again and I'll have learned a lot more! ^-^

Do feel free to add me! I am still learning Japanese myself but I feel as if I can assist you. γŠγ‚„γ™γΏγͺさい!

*kanji god lazy fingers.

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Don't you just love this generation?(:

lool hell no !!!!

I was being sarcastic but thanks for clearing that up.(:

I know

All generations are more or less the same. Kids are kids and adults are adults. The adults just can't remember being kids quite right. :)

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Couldn't agree more... it's all part of the pressures on young people now...that they are supposed to be pretty/handsome and always look good,, (like appearance is the most important thing!) and at the same time they are supposed to think of themselves as sexual beings at an earlier and earlier age... by that I don't mean sex as such, tho that happens, but more dating and all that...

lol I think that's any age, people now a days look up the to celebrities an think to themselves "I want their life" but I do agree with you on that one its a shame that it have to be like this

I think the reason why young people now of days wanted to fall in love with someone is because they aint getting it from their own home so they look outside and they might think if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend I will feel better about myself. They just have to go through that stage of learning that, that's not the case



I completely agree with you... i feel the same way too...

There is a difference between 'looking for a relationship' and a 'crush.'

13-15 is no age to even be depressed or stressed out over finding a life partner . These kids have their whole future in front of them and the huge golden opportunity to achieve whatever they want and fulfill their potential . Rather then focusing on their soul mates they should work on themselves . Something i should of put in my brain when i was their age .

I was in a relationship at 13-15 years old and it hurt me quite a bit.

To tell you the truth i have never been in a relationship in my 19 years of living lol . Yea i know embarrassing but it was cause of social anxiety and insecurities which i still have .

Well said.


So true.