So I have been single for 2 years now...I guess I am not the kind of girl that guys don't particularly go for..this is me everyone..what do you think?
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Bull. You are a very attractive woman, and from reading your stories have a wonderful personality. Any man would be lucky to have a woman like you. I know I would feel blessed with someone like you in my life. Keep your chin up : )

Are you kidding? If they're not going for your kind then what kind are they after? You're a stunning young lady.


Hard to believe... Unless the guys in the west have a much different taste than over here.

I think you have cute face and nice cleavage

You're very beautiful

I don't understand

What makes you think that??? Could be that you are just selective.

I am Timothy, 52 yr old, single, live alone, own my home, retired carpenter.

U are incredibly gorgeous

so beautiful

Well... it only shows like half your face lol. But you seem to have awesome skin! lol =P

you are so beautiful guys are afraid you will shoot them down only reason i can think of you are gorgeouse

I think if the men are not busting down your door to win your heart than they are just blind and dumb your a very beautiful lady

you look positively lovely

being single is way better! you can do whatever the heck you want! I was single for like 3 years it was awesome, traveled, hung out with friends. ZERO drama :) you dating anyone yet?

Your hott


Who would not like u.ur hot

hi you are a very pretty young lady I think you have a lot going for you

You are incredibly beautiful :) Don't think for a second you're not. I don't know what guys you've been seeing, but they need to get their eyes checked. And fast! :)

She's cute...

Your not

bb you are hot looking ,if I was close to you I would worship you ......

You look fine girl, haha someone will swoop you up just make sure he is right for you and your morals :•] good luck . I'm in your age group and have never even had my first kiss.... So you are doing better than me haha

where the hell do you hide yourself, that you managed to stay single for so long? :)

Are you free this weekend? Haha You´re beautiful :D

Please Lord, make this woman fall in love with a man who is not that attractive but when her hair turned to white and too old to walk straight, looks already faded..... She'll be saying that she loves that man so much because he never made her cry... That she is too cared for and loved.... Oh Lord!!!!! EHEEEM :) :) :)

You who you are and we are all beautiful and unique.

I agree with everyone here, you are a good looking women.

If I might add some advice on how to attract a man.

The first is to get into fitness. Nothing attracts attention more than a fit and tone body. Sure there is more to a person than looks, but first impressions can be everything. When you are in great shape it says a lot about a person. It says you are mature, disciplined and ready for anything. Go to the gym every day. Read online about fitness and nutrition. Try to get yourself to 15% body fat. Lift weights to shape your look. You'll not only look great, but you'll feel great as well.

Second is how you dress. You have to dress in a way that shows confidence and sex appeal. If you're not that confident of a person, then fake it until it comes. The sex appeal will come once you have sculpted your body, then just let some of it come through.

I'm a big believer that every person can attract attention from the opposite sex. It all depends on how badly you want it. Make the men come to you. Make them wish they knew you.

I think you have very lovely cheeks, nose and chin. Beyond would purely be a guess. But I think it would be safe to go with the rest of you looking similar to what is actually seeasble. So........... You are very pretty.

Ginger is beautiful lots of men including me love it

You are beautiful! And forget hair dye, redheads are sexy!

It doesnt always have to do with looks- your personality may not have matched with anyone yet.

I don't think that is true at all. You just haven't met the right person yet. Relationships are hard, so don't settle. Good luck to you.

Ahhhhh now I'm on my cell phone and I can see your entire pic, the laptop wasn't allowing it :/ but anyway from the looks of it it's hard to believe you're single. You are a very beautiful ginger! :)🌹


I would like to date you....

Are you really a redhead?

Its simply fine! I am also like you. I used to think that I am not accepted but then I realised my simplicity is my beauty. I never dated alot of men but I got one who loved me for who I am. Its beauty of life. We dont have to chase someone's defined identity but make space for our own...and its beautiful. :)

I agree !!!!!

No i dont go for uneducated country girls

c'mere little girl.... the guys you are hanging out with must be gay

I don't know what "guys" you are talking about... but you are absolutely gorgeous...

You still young, you'll meet a lot and will love a lot, just be patient, don't rush.

I agree no reason to rush. So many years to find yourself first.

Good morning. You are very beautiful. Why do you think guys are not at least physically attracted to you?

You are good. I must say guys must have gone blind, otherwise ...

i think you are lovely

you have a natural look and many men including me find that very attractive.

Nothing wrong with being busy or being a red head. It's the personality that makes the relationship
Personally I love red heads and busty is a bonus

Me too


Wow. If i were younger, I would be privileged to take you out!

Sounds a bit negative, what do you want from life? A guy or to be single?

Being single, by anyway, does not define you as a "girl that guys don't go for". It has nothing to do with your beauty or attractiveness.
When the time is right, your guy will come, I'm sure.

Till then, enjoy the freedom! :)

nahhh.. been single for 5 years.. still love'n it. ^^ take your time.. do what drives you to be. It will all be okay :) they will come.

Hey hows u

i like

What a cute girl.If u can find a good guy around.Why not have a try online dating.I just find my love on where we meet and chat .Finally,we exchange our number and have dating outside.U can also have a try there.Hope this can help u out.

Sounds a great idea you will get lots of response and you don't have to follow it up if you don't want to but personally I think it is your answer

You don't want people to recognize you lol I get that but what you show so far I can only imagine your a seven.

I really hope that you are kidding... How is it possible guys dont go out with you? its impossible

take as a blessing

why? you look pretty but are you bitchy?

i can only see...your nose...but I'm sure it's attached to a beautiful face, body, mind and soul. :)

I think you're young and shouldn't be so worried about this. Being young and single can be a good thing. Find yourself before you try to find Mr. Right.


Ya shellseagirl is right, anytime I had a girlfriend or fling, it happened when I was least looking for it, and when I was looking for it (desperetely at sometimes maybe) it usually didn't happen. Just chill someone will come your way.


It's hard to believe that you've been single for that long with looks like that. Your gorgeous!

You are brill girl lovely to see those pretty eyes lovely face. Love your hair if it is natural you are very lucky if not love your choice. Be happy xx


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You are very beautiful.

I love women who have eyes

Euh..don't they all have eyes? O.o

That's the point.


I'd go for you..

Thats not a person...

need to see more

From one redhead to another, you are gorgeous!! Some guys just can't handle the fire and passion that comes with dating a ginger. We are definitely a fun, feisty bunch! All the best to you, love!

"Some guys just can't handle the fire and passion that comes with dating a ginger. "

That's why you look for Men.


Your very cute:)

Been single for 5 years. *shrugs* it'll happen.

Absolutely - it'll happen when it happens :) Try not to be too down about it and not to worry about it too much (easy said, hard to do), and hopefully things will sort themselves out. After all, they seem to for most people - or we would have gone extinct a long, long time ago :)

Sometimes life just works like that, I'm afraid. I know what you're going through - been a couple of years now for me, too. Someone right will come along - but it isn't something you can predict (although I really, really wish it was!). I doubt there's a case of not being someone guys would go for - but sometimes you don't meet the right people, at the right time, and life gets in the way. Try not to be downhearted about it (again, I know, much easier said than done) - and I'm sure someone awesome will turn up sooner than you think :) If you want to chat/rant about it, feel free to give me a yell - as I say, I can definitely empathise - and hopefully can at least reassure you that you're not alone in this :)

You won't be single for Long ; )

Men fear the power of a ginger!

Depends on the guy - speaking for myself, Ginger is AWESOME :)

Though reminds me of a song...

Love that song. I'm a ginger and when I first heard it, I sent it to to all the other redheads in the family. Pretty funny!

Not for much longer,got these dudes in a frenzy,lol.very beautiful

U look quite good.

i think you should come over to my place for some beer and sodomy.

Good god.... :) friends? :)

I would say who ever you are hanging out with is blind.

hey hi want to be your friend.

To give a real response, looks aren't eveything. Not saying your personality is bad, but maybe the guys you go for are looking for something more as you should be raising your standards.

Very pretty!

How r u single