Always have and always will. And even if i do meet a girl i wouldn't marry her or have kids with her. So there is no point in me getting into a relationship.
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Yeah dude no one can force you to marry/have kids, and not everyone wants that. Some people want friends, some people want a bf/gf and that's it.

U r 16 yrs old dude..
U r sayn what u r sayin because u r afraid of rejection..
Just don't be afraid, be ur self, try new things n try dating.. U may fail at 1st, but if u kept thinkn that no one wants u, u will end up damaging urslf..
Trust urslef and go for it..

What made you thi k this way for?

Had a similar feeling for a long time. Learned 2 lessons thou: You only realise your value when your part of something bigger than yourself and you only see your own beauty when you acknowledge the beauty of others. In a word RISK, you need to take changes or your just defending your own selfishness

yeah... that makes sense

Its the truth there really isn't any point in me getting into a relationship. No girl wants me anyways so it works out perfect for me.

dude... shut the **** up and I mean that so, so sincerely. Dont peddle you guilt trip on people you dont even know because you pity yourself. Like listening to an old jewish grandmother or something. People could literally say anything and im sure youd turn it into a negative just so you could beat down on yourself and other people. You dont need marriage or kids to have a relationship and you dont need to troll the internet to be down on yourself, you can do that all on your own without the guilt trip for others. Your 16 fking years old, you dont even know what real loneliness is yet. You want a relationship? Then try. Like those apathetic people who smoke that just say, "well were all going to die anyways". Your not helping yourself any by asking others to feel sorry for you.

because other people have told him he needs to be married. Its probably not entirely his fault hes so negative but one day maybe he will learn to live without recognition from others.