Aren't you happy they got together at the end of the movie?! "It's not my thing."

You should give him a chance, I see you two working out. "It's... not my thing?"

Let's watch this show, I totally ship that brunette with blue eyes. "Not my thing."

Let me get this straight... you don't want to go out with guys? "It's not my thing!"

What about love? "Is that a thing?"

That's what my college friends think; romance just isn't my thing. Okay, it usually isn't. I'm not lying or pretending when I say that, but sometimes I wonder what it's like to be in a relationship. You know, when I watch too much rom-coms all by myself I dream that there exists a guy who will love every single thing about me. I then start imagining having somebody to cuddle with while watching an artsy Italian film on Netflix and eating cheese ice cream with real cheese bits (drool!). I play out the scene where I introduce him to my parents, not just as that guy from my anthropology class, but as the man I call my significant other. I visualize my next high school reunion, my arm wrapped around his while I tell my old girl friends our story.

Haha, I'm being silly.
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I think I'm in the same boat. I just don't care about relationships at the moment, more interested in other stuff. I also watch too much Netflix in my spare time, but I'm fine with that. As for cheese ice-cream, that's definitely unique. Try everything at least once, though, right?

Cheese ice cream with cheese bits. You hafta try it! Write that down on your bucket list. (:

I'll be sure to do that. I think it may be hard to find around here. I've never seen it in stores, personally.

Try the Asian food stores. Idk why, but they have things you don't see in groceries every day. (:

Your not being silly you just want someone to love. So do I

Haha maybe I want one in the faaaar future.

Lol it's all up to you but it sounds like you want someone who understands you and will except you no matter what

Yup. (:

You'll find someone one day that is like that

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Ummm.... ok... what flavor cheese ice-cream?

Cheese flavored?

Yea... yea... ok, can imagine cheesecake flavor icecream... hoping its not sharp cheddar icecream...


Why the sad face?

Remind me of someone I love :-(

*pats your back*

Hmm . Thnks

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How'd the cheese thing happen?

Cheese ice cream with real cheese bits exists. You have to try it.

Ok but I still don't know why someone did it in the first place.

Because cheese deserves to be appreciated in many ways?

u have way too much freetime

It's called a weekend

if that's what u wanna call it