next sunday would have been four months for me and now ex bf......everything was fine but he changed... well got worse his immaturity got worse its almost like he wanted me to mother him it just got to the point where i had to break it off with him for good.we have broken up 3 times before..... due to him not being able to grow up i really thought he could but he couldnt and it hurts knowing he cared and loved me but couldnt grow up...
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whats that lol

It takes some guys longer than other to mature. It takes them longer when no one requires them to mature.

I know it's hard but you gave him the chances to grow up and he couldn't. Therefore he wasn't serious about being with you. Especially if you broke up over the same thing before. Clearly he wasn't putting in his 50% of the relationship by growing up. You'll find someone better that will always put their 50% and make you happy. Patience is the key :). I hope this helped a little. If you need a pal I'm here for ya ^_^

thanks (: and yeah i guess not it was like a little kid and i was his mom

Exactly and no one needs that unless that's what they want y'know? If he loved you for real he would have manned up and grown up the first time. And no problem hun, always happy to help :).

sometimes is better to be single

yeah it just hurts it turned into this

time will help

Seriously it was only 4 months

Hey bro sometimes when you really care for someone 4 months feels like a long time.

yeah.... thanks it sucks

Then your dating children

you dont have to be rude

Just saying from a point of view from someone who was dating someone for 2 years and didn't kno her well until I lived with her 4 months is nothing. Just take it as you dodged a bullet

everyone sees relationships differently someone may say 2 yrs is nothing but either way to me i was really hurt because he didnt start off like this

I had a woman I met and fell head over heals in love with her. We were inseparable over the last 4 months. Every minute of every day we were either on the phone, texting or on skype video chat. Even while I worked. Even when we were sleeping. We spoke of marriage and saw so much love when I would look into her eyes. She was most definitely the love of my life. But because of personal issues she decided not to continue our relationship. It crushed me more than any love before. More than all of them combined. So for you to say that only 4 months, that felt like a lifetime to me and it will take a whole lot more than that to get over it.

like i said everyone is and feels different

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