So I'm single first and foremost
I'm "talking" to what seems like too many potential partners (10) it's getting to the point where I forget who I'm talking with or who I told this or that to. I consider some my close friends even though we flirt at times. the others I just talk to bc I find them attractive and some I talk to bc they're sweethearts. I feel like every single one is different and I see myself with everyone, I just don't know who to choose even if I choose I don't know if I can stop being "friends" with the others seriously what's wrong with me why can't I have a normal relationship blahhhh I also don't even know if "they" are serious about me or see me as a fwb

Is anyone else in this situation or just me ???
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let's add one more to that list! ;) lol

Oh god lol

Lol. Whattttt? You look cute and your stories make you seem cute as hell. Can't really help it here woman =P lol

Thank you

So don't lie this way you don't have to remember what you said

I don't lie but I'll tell someone about my day and I'm like wait didn't I already tell you what I did that type of stuff

Me too

Wo..sounds like you are really in a confusing state right now...stressing out on things which are unnecessary & illogical(to me)...First don't judge people on quantitative basis but do judge on qualitative honest opinion will be-Go with the person you love(only person first,his assets & materials excluded) & at the same time he should also be the person who also loves you(who loves the person you are,not your face or figure you have)...if none of them satisfies this criteria them you are in group of wrong people..if you still continue to flirt with everyone then you might end up like FWD/****/flirty women to them..remember you have only one choose carefully with whom you spend your valuable time with...Sorry if i'm mistaken!!!

Ohh muffin. Of what use is modern technology if you cannot employ it in your daily life? No need to forget. Just make an Excel sheet, honey, with all the details, and save it on your desktop. One glance is Do consider it. Go, Microsoft.!!!

Hahahaha xD I do enough spreadsheets at work :/

All the more reason you should employ .XLS. Otherwise, talking to too many people without the relevant knowledge at hand will only result in one big fruit salad of a relationship. Of course, you can do this at work also and password protect the file and hide its I am sure you know all these savvy tricks. lol. Good luck.

I'm also single.. and enjoying this faze of life..

I enjoy it but I feel a little remorse for talking to so many people lol

Hey life's a shoe shop!
Some will look good. But won't make you feel good.
Some will look iffy and yet feel pretty good!
The trick of finding someone who not only looks good but makes you feel the same.....
Well. That's the trick we're all trying to do!
Just make it clear to those you like that you want to try them on and see how they fit.

Haha thanks pickle I like that

What he said

I get where you're coming from.
Dating is a nightmare!
I met so many women trying to be one thing yet coming across as something else. I stopped dating for nearly 20 years!!!!!
It was my daughter (22) who finally got me to go back into the game.
She's a smart kid.
Fixed me up with three dates!
Talk about terrifying!!!!
But I have met some interesting people. Some are now friends.
But the romantic interest is still elusive. Maybe it always will be.

Awe that's so sweet of her hope you find the one soon :3

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Loool that would be me but with less people. But I don't promise anyone anything I make it clear.

I'm not committed to anyone and they know I talk to other guys :/ I'm soo doneeee with it blahhh

By the way its a normal thing man, but try to decrease the people maybe by that you just erase this habit

10 !! that's a lot maybe 5 or 6 but 10 is too much


I have to agree sometimes I want to pull the cord on some but it's hard bc I've grown to like every one -_-

i wouldn't wanna be one of those poor muthafu.... i'll tell u that

Lol I don't wana be right meow

hey enjoy it while it lasts

It's not as enjoyable as it can be at times but will do thanks

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