First broken heart and it f*ckin sucks
Janasai Janasai
22-25, F
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Good to be single

You deserve better

Being heartbroken truly does suck especially if you loved him deeply. If you did love him deeply and are struggling to get through I may have some advice. My gf left me almost 4 weeks ago and it has truly been a struggle. Maybe I can help. HUG

I'm sailing in the same boat, we have to be positive.

Want to talk to someone who has been there?

Sure if you have any advice I'll gladly take it

There will be more ... but there will also be alot of love and happiness along the way too.

I just hope the happiness outweighs the hard times

It will... just stay on the positive sidenofm life... and dontndwell on all the bad...
You've heard it before:
When life gives you lemons.....make some lemonade.

Thankyou that really helped

Your welcome... have an amazing day

You too

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I feel ya 3

Have another one and the first one won't hurt so much sure does...but have never been in a relationship...and it also hurts..

Probably won't be your last, either, and they will all suck. However, you'll learn to move forward and to love again.