Sister has a new bf. this is number 1,000 i think he is only 17 and she is 19 turning 20. And she calls me the pathetic one for being single.
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Your time will come. Don't be too harsh on your sis.
She is at her physical peak. So in her mind, the more the better!
It won't be long before you'll probably feel the same.

No i plan on staying single i don't want a relationship there worthless in modern society. And my standards are to high for these modern girls anyways.

there is nothing wrong with waiting for the right person to come along rather than being with the wrong people just to be with someone. Just means you have better standards and are looking out for yourself and there is nothing wrong with that!

I plan on staying single and living alone with my dog. With the way society is and with the way modern girls are i don't see the point in having a relationship.

yeah....about that.....I'm 51 and I came to the same conclusion and am living alone with my little Yorkie.............there is still hope for YOU tho, you are still young. I hope true love finds it's way to you someday.

It won't but thank you for the kind words

Doing the x-bf challenge

Women have a much much much easier time getting laid and getting mates.

Yea well i am a single virgin thats forever alone. My parents me to have kids and get married but that will never happen

You will get sex before you die, but most men, much more than female, end up alone. It's rare when men find stable longterm mates.

Unfortunately the data doesn't line up with your assertion. But your attitude about how women *put up* with men is indicative of this. Studies now show women cheat more. They also have the power and sexual currency in relationships. Women statistically attract more mates and have a vastly easier time.

Men have to risk constant rejection and competition. Women iinitiatemost of the divorces despite the causes not being die abuse or infidelity. Women can find new suitors after leaving a man. And considering the courts favor women in proceedings it makes it all the more easy for women. You may not like or agree with this, but it doesn't make the data any less true.

you're still a KID, what are you worried about?

There is also nothing wrong with being a virgin, 😁

Women do cheat more than men nowadays. Every guy i know of in my family that is married is divorced or getting divorced because their wives cheated in them for not buying them stuff.

The data shows this as well. Women are often now the breadwinner too so they often feel even more secure in cheating or leaving. It's the old cliche that if a man cheats or leaves it's his fault and if a woman does, it's still his fault :). When you combine this with the fact that women are the choosers and are pursued, it really shows how lopsided it become against men.

You say men are weak, I would humbly suggest you are a bully. What I won't do, is the homework for you. You also mention white men as if that makes a difference, that's some nice bigotry you got going there. Go research yourself to see where the data comes from. I am sure you are sparing a lot of men a lot of trouble by not wanting to be married, I consider both parties benefiting in that case.

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