I would have a hard time trusting a girl. With all the things i see and how modern girls act i would have a hard trusting her. And with the way marriage rates are i don't see the point in getting married. I am best off staying single with my dog in a one bedroom apartment.
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i feel you. this generation has been literally destroyed by the media. marriage is now a joke and real relationships are judged by how many likes you got on facebook/instagram. i think you will find someone hopefully sooner than later. its really sad what things have come to. good luck.

I never will but thanks anyways

You ever think your looking at the wrong ones and their may be someone out there who feels the exact same way they do? Broaden your horizons before you generalise girls into the same category

You know how many times i have heard this?

What does that tell you? Its true no? If not then keep thinking as you do, cynical people dont ever find what their looking for though cause they convince themselves what they believe is true even if it necessarily isn't.

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