Yes, I'm single and have been for a while. I figure I won't make a great father so I've mostly withdrawn from the dating game, why lead up to something that can't be delivered?
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you can date and not be a father. just use protection. and why lead up to something that can't be delivered? because it is a nice ride to there

Have you ever tried it?

Big mistake, your way of thinking. You don't have to have kids. Please reconsider. You will be glad you did.

I'm bad at meeting people, especially women. I've had good relationships it's just been a weakness of mine.

You are so young! The more you meet, the easier it is. You'll see. Trust me.

It's hard to meet people and seem interesting. My Mom has parkinson's so I stay with her and take care of her house and I've been out of work since I got out of the navy. No one has to explain that that can seem lame

Hey, you are selling yourself short! Stop it! I am so sorry for your circumstances. I actually understand you, though, because I take care of my mom, who has early stages of Alzheimer's. You think no one is understanding of your circumstances? Not true at all.

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that is ridiculous. plenty of women out there who feel the same way, my friend.

I know, a lot of people probably say this and end up getting married or having children anyways. It just seems like an impossibility right now.

meh. i don't want kids. i'd probably be a cool mom, but i believe i won't. i also just have no desire for the responsibility. unless my maternal instincts still have to kick in …

any way - don't give up on finding someone to share your life with, a lot can happen & change.

I can relate, there's really nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids. I know plenty of people who are happy with their significant other without them. Thank you for your honest input