Ive been single all my life and think I will stay single. My family probably thinks im gay since I never had a girlfriend.
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You should probably clarify to them then

I met my exboyfriend when he was 22 and I was his first girlfriend and the first girl he went out with (the second girl that he liked though). He was amazing. I am sure you are too :-)

All your life? You're in your early 20s.

You sound asexual to me lol

I sometimes think I am.

My sister is. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. no biggy either way

Hmmm... Aren't you?

Im not gay. I think ive been depressed for so long its killed my drive for girls.

That's possible especially if your on medication. Sorry about my flip response :)

So, are you saying that you've never been in love before?


Fall in love with yourself first! :D

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