The only girl i know of that would date me is a desperate girl/dumb girl. But then again even the desperate girls think i am a ugly pile of **** 😢.
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Why do you treat yourself like that? Don't do that to yourself. I don't know you but from what I see here you need to value yourself. Don't think that way or else you'll always think of yourself that way. Everyone has their bad and everyone also has their good. You should look at your good

I have no good i am worthless.

why do say that? Why do you feel like that?

People treat me like i am garbage so i might as well join in and see what all the fun is about.

People have treated me like crap all throughout my life and you know what? They're still going to do that. You can't live your life worrying about what others say. If you do that then you're missing out on your own life

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Just so you know a lot of girls like guys that don't keep beating them self up.

Might be why you are single.

Yea your right why would a girl ever want me.

Than do us a favour and stop posting this nonsense.

Id take dumb and desperate about now....


Not even kidding finding an open minded women that is willing to do what i like is a fairy tale (i like to talk, im a hopeless romantic, i am faithful, and honest) but im addicted to sex so yeah dumb and desperate sound nice right now lol

Addicted to sex? lol enjoy it while you're young

Since when were those bad things? Sad that you want someone dumb and desperate. You should be looking for someone that enjoys what you do.

Lol i would but i cant no one else is interested >.<

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upload your do you konw what they think? and don't discount the girl....even beauty queens can be desperate and dumb sometimes

Listen the desperate girls don't even want me thats how pathetic i am.