I don't take men seriously so maybe that has something to do with it
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It's possible. But then again, men are simple beings. Most just want to get into your pants.

men have got no game, honestly

Why take anyone seriously? No one else does (haha)

I don't take my own sex seriously either. They're mostly all immature sexist jerks.

No doubt. :P

Then keep not taking them seriously! If you took every guy you met seriously, you might still be single today with a trail of ex bf's behind you. Besides, a relationship is being with someone you can laugh with all the time (or most of the time at least) If you can find someone who laughs at all the same jokes you do that everyone else finds lame, give him a shot ;)

Oh you don't have to take a person seriously to date them.

That'll do it...when you've already made up your mind...good guys don't have a chance.....


I don't take anyone seriously but that's not why I'm single.

And why not? Because you've had a few bad experiences with men so you assume we're all the same..?

where in that article did you get that?

I asked why then I said what I believed she felt