Right now I think I just need a dog.
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Dogs cure all things. What kind would you want?

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They make good company

Yes, a dog will love you no matter what.

Everyone needs a dog.

Actually you most probably need a schoolbook.

"..........Right now I think I just need a dog"

Sounds the the beginning of a smash hit country song. Keep going with, would love to hear how it comes out.....

Funny how I also need a dog :P I miss my old dog, he was my life!

bow~wow~wow!!! ~ wag~wag~wag~ :)

I recommend a rottweiler~ I have two, and they are great dogs.

Dogs do help if you are lonely. They don't judge you or criticise you. I have a dog, she's my best friend. I would kill my self for her.

First really sensible statement I have encountered all day.