I guess a lot of the people in this group are single because they're waiting for that Hollywood movie-worthy, Printz award-winning, classic Thanksgiving dinner love story. We're allowed to want the best, right? But how do you know if it's the one, the "great love"? When is it time to accept that this is it, nothing grand, no fireworks display, nada? How long should we hold out for our masterpiece?
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If you try to live in a dream, you don't really live at all...experience things outside of your dreams and life becomes a series of wonderful experiences and stories, most happily different than what you had expected


When you find the person that you can honestly say, "I love you so much it hurts" and you hope that they at least love you in return and they do then you're somewhat there. I had that once but she died before we were married. I shed enough tears in that hospital room to make a rainbow but tears of love do not cure cancer. And now she is gone and I am left wondering what to do. How does one fill that kind of a hole. I've had the masterpiece and it was taken from me.

Your right about that, really in Calif. uSA

Well one shouldn't accept someone who is bad for oneself though looking for someone perfect will probably not work so well since most people have flaws and problems they are humans like everyone else after all
Though I guess people can seem pretty perfect during the honeymoon face of love when everything seems great and like you are perfect for each other

In my experience, "great love" was far more subtle than fireworks. I can't really articulate it, but looking back, the effect was instantaneous and resulted in a mutual childish adoration. From nearly the first moment we became inseparable. When the time came to make it legal, the pageantry seemed more to appease others than ourselves. Was it just luck? I don't know

Hey x

I would wait as long as it takes. I have been in and out of bad relationships. this may not be the case for you. what I recommend is that you continue to work on you. Finish your degree and get established in life while there are no distractions. it will happen when it happen. I do know there is no perfect person. So learn yourself as far as likes and dislikes, some of this may be accomplish through dating experiences. wish you the best and good luck.

Thank you for this. I wish you all the best too! (:

Wise words from a wise woman.

Thank you. (:

u don't have a choice here.....it happens when it has to

My personal dream would be to meet someone at a concert, because we would already be so similiar. Mind you, not too many chickas were present at bloodstock open air this year, so that dream is slowly fading lol

Meeting someone at a concert could make up for 50% of your compatibility already! (: Haha good luck with your next one. q:

hehe thanks. I like music a lot, even my username on here is to do with music lol. But sadly not that many girls seem to like my music lol.

Hey, I get sad too because guys can't relate to my music. Lol (:

lol what do u listen to?

Mostly Regina Spektor, movie soundtracks, and pop music.

thats cool, i dont really listen to much of that sorry lol

Hahaha I expected that

i listen to a lot of music, but all of it is different sub gnres of metal. my favourite would have to be thrash metal hehe \m/

I actually listen to metal sometimes, but it's only when someone I know sends me YouTube links. (:

m.youtube.com/watch?v=a3JSbOt7CLo have fun lol

Omg I didn't see the youtube link the first time you posted this. The EP app has a weird blue green font color for links hahaha (:

lmao ok, did ya get it this time?

Yeah, and will be clicking it later. q:

hehe have fun ;)

Maybe 60pct?

Lol ;)


Thought your 50 pct was low;)

Ohhhhhhhh now I geddit (:

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Same Pinch here basically. after some failed relationships i've come to this conclusion:

I think it's when u feel like ok this it. I think i've known this person long enough to say for sure that He/she will stand up for me when needed and I can spend the rest of my life happily with him/her knowing well that he/she will always be there for me. Trust is the key factor. Also, one needs to know the other person well enough to make sure u know the real him/her behind the mask. Everyone puts on a mask in d beginning to impress d other person. U get to know the true colours only during bad times. If someone sticks around even during the bad times, for sure he/she truly cares/loves u ! Just dont rush with it. It will happen automatically when the time is right ;)

Hmm, Hollywood-worthy doesn't sound appealing to me. Award-winning quirky novel however... or heck, even an excellent cartoon or anime sounds awesome.

Well one thing I can tell you is try to be patient,your other half could meet you when you least expect it, but don' t make a quick decision that you might end up regretting, trust me, you have no clue how many people I know that tell me: "AAHHH If I had known earlier I wouldn't have gotten married!" Life isn't perfect and I know is easier said than done but Just take your time and you'll see things will fall into place :)

Well holding out is better than settling.trust me,tried it a few times,yikes.but i also have been fortunate enough to be in love,so ill wait for that to come around again.

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. (:

Yeah...idk bout that.

Hollywood model? My fridge is getting some respect!

I am not single by choice :( I did meet the one you describe and she was a love of a lifetime but she left and now I can only wait for her to return. My heart wont let her go.

I'm really sorry about that. I know it's difficult to forget when there's so much to remember.

Ah shut up ppl can believe what they want to

Why are you telling me to shut up?

Not everyone thinks about movies and crap but there might just might be a guy out there that can love them for them I try lookin for love I lost my mom I practically saw her die in my arms and I have no dad I live with my grandparents now and I hate it most ppl post stuff about ppl and really its for them self's and u need to know that urself think about that next time and that's y I told u to shut up

I never referred to "everyone" in my post. I just thought maybe there are some who could relate to me.
"I hate it most ppl post stuff about ppl and really its for them self's" well is it really THAT offensive? I never said love doesn't exist. And I am speaking for myself. Freedom of speech. (:

"We're allowed to want the best, right?" The rest of the post: questions. What if we don't get what we want? Reading comprehension goes a long way, dear. (:

Ik it does I've lives life enough to know that and I know how it is being a teen I used to be beatin for stuff my age don't need or want to do

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Perhaps we ought to be painting the masterpiece now, so when the artist best able to comprehend our vision comes along, we'll have something to talk about. 💘

Wow, I haven't thought of it that way! (: No one better to make my own masterpiece but myself.

Some of the best masterpieces created together...started with one. ✏️🎨🎑