Yes, I have always been single. I'm honestly too young to be caught in a relationship. First comes my life goals, then a significant other you can accompany me on the journey of life.
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Very well expressed, sweetie! :)

Very well said. Take care of business first and do things for you. Then worry about finding someone later on

I think...thats a good plan !

Good for you! It always amuses me when these 15 yr old are worried they'll never find someone. I try to tell them they need to make sure they know themselves before embarking upon that particular journey.

True! Though people start to feel lonely & I think most of the time that's the reason why we jump into relationships just so we can feel desired. I understand that, but one most learn to love & understand oneself before seeking for someone else to love them.

Absolutely. Well said. Hopefully they will figure that out in time.