After years of being single and having varying degrees of success, I'm sort of tired of it right now. I'm tired of the hypocrisy of girls who put on one face but turn out to be something else and how they can go from liking you a lot to being cold like a switch has been turned. Also of them going out with jerks and then complaining why guys treat them like dirt & why can't they go out with a nice guy. I want to meet a genuinely kind woman who loves God who we can be ourselves with and love and respect each other for us. But for right now I think I just need a break from it. I just needed to get this off my chest, thank you for reading.
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There was a male teacher at my elementary school who was an awesome guy and worked their, single, for years. Probably was 39 when he finally got with another teacher there and they've been married for probably 7 or 8 years now. Hang in there. Also, my mom is single, 46, and has been on eharmony for the last few months and has gotten a lot of action from solid, quality Christians, I would try it if you haven't. And if you've tried it awhile back, you may want to again. She did when she was probably 35/36 and it was a waste, but this time its really provided a lot of opportunities! I'm sure that would get really frustrating though... :/

Thanks, I've tried dating sites. A lot of the people that say they are Christian on there (and in life too) really aren't. They might believe in God or just were raised in that environment or just think they are because they are not Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Following Jesus is not the same as being raised around Christianity.

However, I did meet one of my best friends on a dating site. We dated for a while and she just wasn't the one. We had developed a friendship while going out and were able to keep that going. I guess it's sort of hit or miss with them. There's some cool people on there but some not cool people too.