It sucks being single... I look around and all I see is couples and I want that... But it's hard to find the right girl... But then again I don't have that many girls come up to me and say "hi I like you, we should go out"... :/ it sucks I wish that someone would give me a chance to show her what i like to do and why I like you... I hope someone is out there feeling the same way I am...
D3fau1THack3R D3fau1THack3R
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You will have your opportunity.

I hope so :/

I feel the same way too. recently, my sister had got into a relationship and I felt that it should have been me. No matter how long I want to wait, its like that person isnt coming anytime soon. The way you see couples go and hold hands makes you down a little bit you know?

Yeah I have that happen to me a lot... It sucks :/