And for a good reason, I am shy, I don't have the courage to talk or look at girls, I am a red head and I don't hang out with the douches. But I am also nice, funny and am willing to help anyone. I get told this by boys a lot. But that doesn't help. I just wish I had courage and confidence to talk and be around a girl.

I just want someone to cuddle with at home if im not busy, a girl to talk to if I feel alone, a girl to boost my confidence, and I'd comfort her of course 😀 I lay in my bed every night, wishing my confidence would appear in the morning, praying over and over, but it doesn't work. Im too afraid to talk to my friends since they all have gfs. So this is a safe place.

I am always so sad and no one realises it.
Please help me!!! 😪😥😰😓😩😢
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First off be a proud red head! Never be a shamed of what and you are. Your insecurties can be seen a mile away. Play your tuff card and smile because you deserve to. There are billion people in this world and more then half will be willing to mee you.

Thx 😄

Know that feeling so well, buddy. Same conditions here. I'm here for you.......:(

Thanks man

Buy a teddy bear. :)

Hahaha sure i will 😜

Tried many different sites with no luck until I found , I found my husband here and we never looked back :D should try it too

Hmm... Okay thanks 😀

Hello, I can totally relate to your situation as I had that very same experience. I have to ask however, are you also friends with your pals' gf's? If so, do you talk to them?

His girlfriend goes to a another school and my other friends too.

Ah I see. you can try this if you want, what I did to boost my confidence was that when I spot a random girl at a party, in a store, etc. who isn't with anyone I would just go up to her and hold conversation as normal friends would, add jokes, some complements here and there and boom, Instant morale boost practice, be careful though about the topics you would talk about, no one likes a heated interview. The good side to this is that it works with any girl and you both have fun along with helping overcome shyness. Good luck bro, I'm rooting for you!

Just stop caring about risks. I'm 20 years old and 250lbs. So I was obviously in a similar situation most of my life. The moment I stopped caring women were never hard for me to talk to or approach. And from the outside, they're always WAY out of my league. If you can successfully fake confidence once it will become real and never fade.

Ok ill try thank you

Confidence is king!
Any idea how much women love a guy with confidence???
Here's what you do.
Take care of yourself. Try and be clean and presentable at all times. This will get you noticed.
If you have issues with yourself, fix em! Whatever it is!
Need to lose weight? Go get a diet plan from your doc.
Need a trip to the dentist(I know. We all hate it!) do it!
Got acne? Ask your local chemist for advice!
Look at what you're wearing. Feel good in it?
Need a change of style? This is a tricky one. You might fancy a buzz cut Mohawk! But if it doesn't suit you..
Talk to people who know about this stuff. Got a big sis? Female cousin around your age? Female friend around your age? These people are ideal (normally) they'll know what colours,styles,fashions,etc. they'll come up with ideas you may never have thought of!
Once you feel you look good, this will boost your ego no end.
Sociability. Do you mix with other people your age? School doesn't count.!! Church,clubs, sports,societies etc. look through your local paper,online etc for things that interest you. If you meet up with guys&girls with similar interests to you. Chances are you'll find a gal who considers you interesting enough to talk to. Even if nothing comes of it. It'll boost your confidence!
Get fit. Think about this. You are at your best right now! You are young. Keen. Learning as you go!
Simple things reap good rewards. Walking,jogging,any sport that leaves you slightly short of breath is a good one!(proviso being: if you are asthmatic, don't overdo it!!)
Swimming is magnificent! In that it uses every muscle in the human body!
Lot of girls like swimming too!!
All this stuff is good advice.
Try it and see if it boosts your self esteem.

Thanks so much, i hope this works 😀

Remember. It's not about them. It's all about you!!

Haha, okay mate

you're 15 maybe why to rush it .... ?? And i believe that your friends "relationships" won't last long at that age, so why to worry so much. Confidence is problem for everyone, so it's just normal. It takes lot of work and training to get your confidence, where you want it to be, not that easy a task. Just take it slowly with life.

Im 13 and alright I might take it slow. But I never had a gf and everyone else has I swear I am like the odd one out

You just have to find the confidence to talk to girls pal. This is the man's curse - he has to do all the chasing and the work to attract girls. That is just how it is. Anyway, what's the worst that can happen? If she rejects you rudely, everyone will think she is a *****. 99.9% of girls will talk to you if you make the first move. Just don't be overbearing, over keen or sleazy.

Alright thanks i hope this works. 😜

Thanks btw 😀