I'm sorry and no offense to the young people on here, but what exactly is your preoccupation with having a bf or gf? Man, this is probably going to sound condescending but I assure you that I'm only posting this because I have been there. I mean I'm so old I rode raptors and watched MTV when they had videos and on a non-LCD tv ffs, but I've lived life enough to opine about this. Ok. No one wants to be alone, and at that age, "everyones doing it" and there is fear of looking like a loser. So? People are so busy trying to be someone else that they forgot theyre a person too. Be that kid who DGAF. Hm. Then there's hormones. Flicking and jacking it won't kill you. You know what will? Having a kid. Yes, Jesus will stab you in your sleep if you get someone pregnant or you get pregnant. Naw, you will see this material object you've been lusting for and realize: Oh ****, I got a kid that needs to eat. Or "hey, were going to see Super Hero: The Movie pt XXI and then were gonna do dumb young people **** afterwards, wanna join up?" No, you can't because you got a slobbery vomit machine to look after. Not saying ALL of you will end up that way, but they're not teaching you everything about sex in school because we got a war to pay for and so some programs need to be cut! If you do get a bf/gf pop a pill or wrap it before you tap it. Lastly, people grow and change, your brain doesnt even become "adult" until your late 20s so you're making a big deal about being alone, what is "being alone"? You really can't make rational choices or choose decent men or women when you're that young and forgive me, "stupid". "I was young and dumb back then" isnt something us old farts say just to be funny, ok? You're young, probably not that bad-looking, and you DO have some years ahead of you so why not just enjoy it? It is one of those cliche "I did X, Y and Z because I wanted a guy and now here I am" stories. I really did spend my teens and 20s looking to not be alone instead of building a life for myself THEN looking for a bf/hubby and now everyone I went to school with or grew up with are college educated and married and I'm here on this ****** site dodging pervs and writing this ~cautionary tale~ to you. Seriously though. HAVE FUN. PARTY (safely). GO TO COLLEGE.(they say its a joke until you're barely getting by with a ****** job). TRAVEL(if you can). JUST. ENJOY. LIFE. Surprisingly enough, you can do this without having someone in your life. The end.
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You're so right. Kids should enjoy their youth, it only comes once and it's gone all to soon.

the thought of ending up alone terrifies my thats the preoccupation, at least for me

I'm that and I'm in my 30s. Its a universal kinda thing.