I don't care if I ever find a significant other. My only goal in life is friendship. I don't want kids or to get married. Friendship is the only thing that really matters to me. Guys get mad at me when I friend-zone them. They try to make me feel guilty, saying that I'm such a ***** with ridiculously high standards. Sometimes they are successful and I wonder if I have a heart. Then, I remember how devoted and loyal I am to true friends. They want me to keep a secret? I'll keep it. They need me there for them? I'll be there. Sometimes, we grow apart. Sometimes, we stay together forever. It's the best thing I've ever known and I doubt it gets any better.
Apirne Apirne
22-25, F
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Lol, in a couple of year friends won't matter either.

your young just do you for now hun everything will work out how its suppose to

It's a shame that guys don't realise the friendszone means more to us sometimes. That by being your friend holds so much worth. This is how I've lost most my male friends.

The 'friend zone' isn't a real thing
I hate when guys say that. If a girl likes you and wants to be with you, she'd date you, if you're 'friend zoned' then mate, accept it she likes you but doesnt want to date you, be happy with your new friend? And if your intention was sex, thats your problem

Yes! Thank you!

Haha it bugs me when i see a guy abusing a girl cause if it, if he just wanted sex, go to a nightclub find a horny girl there! They forget women are people woth feelings, but they dont forget their own!

Good for you, sweetie! :)