to young to be taken.... haha i just want to have fun rather than be tied down
ihaveaname99 ihaveaname99
18-21, F
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Everyone wants to be tied down eventually...
:) OOOOOOOHHHHH that's not what we were talking about here..... I get that confused all the time teehee.

U go girl. I have just left a long tiresome relationship and am enjoying freedom!!!

Yeah, I love being single, but loneliness hits every now and then and then it makes you think stuff like why does no one want you, etc. 😔

it does, but at the same time i say **** it and think about how it would be if i was in a relationship about the things i wouldnt be able to do if i was in one so i figure at my age im cool being single maybe when im 16 or 17 maybe then i'll try looking for a boyfriend

Well I'm 16 soon... And I still don't have one haha. But that's because I like older guys so 😬

i like older guys too. i had a older boyfriend before their great way more mature