So Glad to Be Part of This Group!

I'm so pleased to find myself among so many others here who feel as I do about being single--that it certainly has its good side, just as being part of a good relationship can as well. It is so good to have a sense of peace about yourself and your life, whether single or in a romantic relationship. There are so many ways to connect with people and life. Romance certainly isn't the only way, yet so often it seems to me that single life is viewed as "less than." I've been married, am now divorced. I know the terrible loneliness of being in someone's physical presence while having no true sense of connection with that person at all. It especially hurts when you've tried to connect repeatedly, whether due to problems that need to be resolved or just to be understood as a person, and these attempts are repeatedly rebuffed. I don't know what marriage is for if it's not meant to be a way to deeply connect with someone. Anyway, whether or not I'm ever involved with someone again, I'm fine with being single.

bluegreensea bluegreensea
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

I guess for me there's a sadness in not only being divorced but in realizing that there were issues from my own past that clouded my judgment in choice of marriage partner. I guess deep down I think it might be nice to have the chance to "get it right" now that I better understand myself and why I made certain choices. However, it's not something I focus on. I've been in love before, and learned from that experience that if it's meant to be, even if you're not looking for it--maybe especially when you're not looking for it--it can happen.