~ and Becoming Ok With It ~

~ I go through days when I wish I wasn't, but I figure don't we all?... I live with my momma, so she's got to like the next guy I get "serious" about. She didn't like the last one, it made for very tense days, trust me. ;-] She has been the ONLY person who has been there for me ALWAYS! I can't forget that, & therefore will NOT leave her. I am her only child, we are close, not as close as we once were, but I love her. My next lover has to treat her with respect, & if he can't love her, he has to at least listen to her with some respect & honor. Then again, if he loves me............... He should really love her, if for no other reason then she helped me become the woman he loves. =] ~

~ I miss the cuddling the most I think. The having someone to care for, love. Someone to talk to & just be with. Someone to share in my silly moods & play with me when I'm in that kind of mood. Heehee! ~

~ But I can wait. He'll find me someday, I have no doubt. Until then, I'll just stay true to me & keep my eye on one 'big boy' who means more to me each day. =] I love you my friend!! ~

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Mar 14, 2009