ladies if u want to find a prince you're supposed to kiss a frog not **** the whole damn pond
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AHHHH lol!

OMG! THAT'S so hilarious,
I'll sleep with a smile on my face,
thank you sweetheart,
(I will probably see every guy as a frog tomorrow! )


Sage advice many will still refuse to follow no matter how many times they hear and agree with it!

Lol. Let's hope girls like that get help!

Lololol now that's funny

Lol how large is this pond?


Bwahahahahaha, have me a good chuckle this slow morning

Join an internet date site and maybe **** half the pond

Hahaha! Great point!

Lol! Nothing wrong with a bit of try before you buy?

Very well put. Coundnt of said it any better. I'm still lookin for that one that wont go out ****** everyone else given the chance. Looks like ill be waiting years :(

Nope you're looking in the wrong places. Plenty of women won't run out n cheat.

Lmao, wow.

Lol this is so funny !

you end up with pond scum

Who needs a frog prince when there's a lizard king right here
<---- hmmm

This made my night, thank you. xD

You and me both lol

Haha. Ribbit

lol this just made me laugh, so true.

gr8 . but do u have exact location of frog ? it will not come out unless u enter in pond :)

Lololol .. true .. still funny haha



too cute!

But why a frog I wonder?

That's not how you get the king?


Dammit man. I've been going about this all wrong

i guess it depends what king u want