So I just seen this study lol annnnnd it said that when it comes to online dating, women are more worried about meeting a serial killer or a murderer online. Where MEN are more worried about meeting a fat girl or woman online. LMAO !!!

I'm sorry it's funny to me lol
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My brother found a couple of psychos before he met his wife. I think the psychos were both overweight, and so is his wife. But he wasn't an average online dater.

The interesting thing was in 2010 or so there was female serial killer in Japan, a BBW actually, who was meeting men online, killing them, and then taking their money. She was mentally ill i think though.

Anyone who kills is mentally ill.

True that. The thing is I had met up with a lot girls on that dating site actually. Been on it for years. Not sure I would have met her out in the woods like she was asking her guys to tho...

You know there's a downside too to being a thin, reasonably attractive woman. I see a lot women on here complaining about being overweight and not being able to get a date, but let me tell you something, if you lost weight, you would have a harder time weeding out the dumbasses. ;) It's hard to know when someone is sincere or not. People's true colors show more to "ugly" people. That could be your blessing.

Pretty girls have it so hard. :::smacks:::

Me? I am just being a smartass.

wow that's sad for them guys I like them all sizes

I wonder what happens if a serial killer meets a fat girl then :)

Hopefully the fat girl will sit on him and tax paying citizens won't have to pay for his upkeep in prison. LOL!

What if he likes it and they both fall in love and start killing people together? Fat people...

I LIKED fat girls.

past tense? interesting... what happened?

No sorry just typo. Still like them. Have an SSBBW FWB right now. Over 200 lbs. 😊

My, this got quite a reaction. Despite the simplified context of the joke, there is a profound truth.


This is hilarious and sounds about right! :)

I think that is all true - sad but true.


thats great !

Unless you are a fat girl or a serial killer.

Well, I agree with the study, I would be afraid as a woman to get involved with someone that is not what they claim to be, and about safety. I am not sure about the serial killer thing.


I had been emailing with someone for a long time and I told him my height and weight. I reiterated that I was a plus sized girl and he said he was fine with that. When I sent a picture, he said he liked me but could never feel a spark of attraction because I was overweight. How could he have all that information and not know I was overweight?

he can go **** himself ! beauty comes from within . i always over exaggerate my weight because i believe a guy is should like me for me not my body .

Thanks for that, Nikki.

I couldn't have said it better!!

Thank you for that and I agree with you completely.

You are a wise man.

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I consider myself to be pretty chubby. So when talking to a guy I would feel the need to say, hey before we decided to meet I'm just letting you know now that I'm chubby. I shouldn't of had to do that... that and I'm not even big. Just society and junk got me feeling insecure.

When I was I was worried about meeting a catfish or a dude ughhhh

Oh dear lord... fat? That's what men are scared of? People are so shallow. It makes me seriously wonder about the human race.

I'm not worried about meeting a serial killer. However I am worried about meeting a girl who isn't what she appears to be.. And although physically they should be like their picture it's more that they keep me mentally stimulated when I meet them.

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” ― Margaret Atwood



I find that I rather date someone that was actually right beside me where I can interact with him instead of all of a sudden meeting someone who I only chat with online.

HAHA that was so damn funny. I was reading it and it cut off at the point of where men are afraid of... and the first thing I thought was "fat girl." How sad.

Men should b worried if someday they meet a killer fat ugly girl lololll

shame on u girls i am still single

I don't know about that, all the stories about girls being the bait for serial killers has me a little worried about that too.

Absolutely. You don't know who's on the other end.

Men are more visual women are more emotional

This should say: Some men are more visual some women are more emotional.

I work with a woman who is the most logical person I have ever met. Spock with female genitalia.

She could probably recite statistics as to how many serial killers are active right now (she studied forensics). My other coworker is male and he is far more moody than either of us.... crazy.

And what happens if I meet a larger, female serial killer? I got the Trifecta?

Sounds legit.

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Who cares if a girl is fat or skinny? If she is honest, caring, loving and a genuinely nice person, doesn't that count for anything any more? It just so happened that my ex-wife was what most of my buddies called hot, but that wasn't what attracted me to her, it was her character and her personality. I have been with girls that many guys wouldn't look twice at and you know what? They were just as nice and (and usually more fun to be with) than many of the "hot" girls I know. Lots of times, those "hot" girls were mean-spirited, shallow and just downright bitchy. Just my opinion....

It helps if you have a sexual attraction to them.

never been attracted to bitchiness. just like my wife wasn't attracted to me once I became an a-hole

That's a lovely thing to say. I think attraction is relative though. There has to be something that attracts you to someone and for most people I don't think it is the social ideal that is out there in the media.

Every time men are polled and asked to choose a body type the "average" body type is usually the most popular. The average man doesn't mind a woman who is a little heavier, but many of them seek those typical female traits - a nurturing giving person. I think most women who have had to deal with adversity or bullying (the girls that are not the prettiest or the most confident) develop what is called ... a conscience - something that many alpha girls (in the sense of the physical) lack because they have not been told no or they have not been made to examine the code by which they function in the world.

That is not to say that all attractive women are heartless b!tches. I have met many lovely women, but I have also met many who are still in that high school mentality. Women can be very catty and judgmental, and that is so sad. What sort of authentic relationships can you have if you live like that? And it makes me wonder if life is worth living because that sort of existence sounds miserable. Aging is inevitable, you will grow old and someone younger, prettier, smarter, better at your job will come along. However, if you have made yourself into a decent, loving, truly GOOD human being - people will value you for who you are. How can you be that person if you are so busy being fake?

I have had a few men on EP tell me that I must be unattractive because I've said something similar to what you express here - that I would prefer someone less attractive if he were smart, kind, and loving. Nope... I'm not a ten, but I"m someone's ten but because that someone values me for who I am and doesn't base his judgement solely on the fact that I have given birth so I have stretchmarks, and I have nursed a child so I no longer have perky bre@sts. We need to stop judging people by these ridiculous standards - by the airbrushed ideals that no human can live up to. People are so much more than the physical, and there is something utterly lovely in imperfection, in gray hair, in those age lines on ones face. When someone speaks with passion about something they love, that is far more endearing than any strong jawed, muscled model could ever be.

OMG someone with a mind of their own. I love it!!!!! I don't have kids, extremely independent, free spirited. It's so funny women call me a **** for it, and men are intimidated by me. I'm going to keep on being me and if people don't like it there's the door.

On top of that, good looking girls who know they are good looking really utilise their looks. Bloody hell, I girl I was with was an absolute cow and had a go at men when she was in the wrong. She always had them falling at their knees and buying her flowers to say sorry. It sickened me as she only talked about herself. I left her and wanted nothing more to do with her. The more fun girls are those in the middle of the normal distribution curve, not either extreme. I suggest good looking girls should just work as prostitutes. Let real girls live instead.

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im single, looking for a non-obese woman and am a cereal killer. that survey is totally accurate

This study is much more accurate

Sad but true.................but also funny as it puts out there what we all know.

haha, could be true. Certainly there have been lots of incidents when women have met men online. I was listening to a freakonomics podcast where it said that men looked for a pretty girl, and choose attractive looks over (or possibly ignoring) all other information. While women would prefer someone who sounded like they'd be rich.

I met my girl online, we met and I'm glad she agreed to, I think I was more nervous than she was, but she was worried the same as the ladies in the survey, but it worked out and next week we meet up for the third time. Would I like my daughter to meet up with someone that way? no I wouldn't, like somebody else said, talk is cheap and you don't know somebody until you see how they react to certain triggers, there are messed up people out there.

Haha that's pretty jokes, I thought about online dating but I concluded if no one wants to date offline why would they want to date online?¿

Where the hell does one go to meet a fat serial killer? I want the kind of love that Clarice Starling had.

If that is what men and women worry about with online dating, what is the factual truth? I would assume that in fact most online men are not psychos otherwise dating sites would all be shut down, so does that mean that in fact women (the ones in this study) are overly paranoid?

No not at all one is too many. It is better to be safe than sorry and always a good idea to let people know your meeting someone and if possible take somebody else with you.

These people do not wear the words serial killer or rapist tattooed on them and they are also very glib talkers.

It may seem funny till you land in the hands of one. Lets face it the only thing can fear from a fat lady is that she could land on you.

It is true - the thing is, despite the differences of men and women and how secure they feel about their safety - a psycho woman is every bit as dangerous to a man than a man is to a woman, so men are too much the other way - if they go on a date with a psycho it could be Good Night Vienna.

I actually would be pretty apprehensive about the whole thing - I've never actually done it so I am not sure exactly how I would feel, but I guess you can get drawn in by a good talker.

This is very correct always remember talk is cheap you cannot see their actions even if see them on some camera you still cannot see their actions

I look at people for what they do not what they say. I myself would never meet anybody on line. Or for that matter form a close relationship with one unless a female friend. who is on the same wave length. with a family etc.

But still would not meet or exchange addresses. and I have been on net along time and only exchanged addresses with one and that was six years ago I have lost her now. But a good friend even though never met.

Not really, personally I don't date online due to people trying to scam me for money. I do enjoy talking to people online it's a way to talk to people from other countries, learn different cultures.

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Sounds like a man.

Haha, I actually had to ask what tinder was at school, haha

where I come from tinder is wood you get tinder for the fire

Lol I saw this in a joke


Was in that show last comic standing a woman was joking how she fears if she will have her head by the end of the night.

Ha ha well lots of weirdos out there i can see where women are cautious

'em uneven odds ¯_(ツ)_/¯

One of those terrible things that are true, what can anyone do but laugh though, I mean I don't think women are ever gonna think different and that's for a reason that I think men and women can agree on.

Sorry but whats wrong with a girl or guy for that matter of fact if they have a bit of weight on them everyone is beautiful in there own way people really shouldn't discriminate against people no matter what they look like
And someone people with confidence issues prefer to do online dating cuz its a little bit easier than been rejected to there face! Have a little bit of respect

Just all of the comments so far i guess

Ok time to come out with it. I'm 50 years old. I'm a widow with some padding. I accept me for who I am. I'm old, have lived through more than most people could live through. Honestly I don't care what men or women for that matter think of my flab. I still attract some men who actually like women with a little fluff. I think it's more in the personality. I have sass, and a mind of my own. I think people need to like themselves instead of pleasing society. What really ticks me off is young women who are absolutely beautiful think they are fat. I want to grab a hold of them, put some make on them and nice clothes to give them self esteem.

Good for you, but you know as well I do fat jokes will always be around but think the trend now is turning toward bigger sized women.

Watched a documentary on Africa where they have their own beauty contest and the winner has to be the biggest women there and believe me I do not know how heavy you are but you would be like twiggy alongside of them

And your not old age is only a number not a state of mind

I find listening to a persons heart is much easier through writing. I feel I know my friend on this site far more than any of my real friends. I've never even seen them or heard their voice, but that doesn't matter at all to me because I see their soul and it is astonishingly gorgeous! :)

And I, them. ;)

Seems legit

100% true lmfao

so i hope you aren't a fat girl..,loooool

not really..,but idk why people hate fat guys..,i wish i be a fat guy, u know i eat tooo much everyday to be a fat guy but it's not working..,lmao


its funny, lol, do you have that fear?

that’s good of you.