It's hard becoming single after living with someone. What I miss most, is when iv had a terrible day at work, and i come home and get the biggest cuddle in the world, nothing has to be said, just to be held. It makes all my worries go away. Even though I want that again and want to come home to someone, he needs to be the right someone, and not someone I can't trust whilst I'm at work. It's hard feeling lonely...
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Yea, wish I had that.

Add me please

Could not have put it better myself

You will find someone

I know those feels. it was hard learning to sleep alone again. like it wasnt a sexual thing. i had just gotten so used to having someone beside me at night and someone to wake up to

Wish I could cuddle all you ladies worries away ;p

Indeed! After a while you get used to it.. Not saying it doesn't still suck. 2+ years later and no serious relationship on the horizon but at least I'm not hating life or depending on anyone else to make me feel good :)

I was in the same boat as you 5 years ago. It takes time to find your own space again and you miss the cuddle factor. Just go find a big long pillow and use that for the night time cuddling its just about as good.

Lonely az

After almost two years of being single, I understand how you feel. It can be tough being lonely at times but the best part is getting to know more about yourself

It's harder for us women we're so emotional well most at least we have family and friends for comfort

You raise a really good point. I think people cant look at a beautiful and desirable girl and grasp that they get wrapping their lips around a gun barrel lonely sometimes.
It's just an alien concept that a person could be desired and feel despair. THx.

Straw, as you get wiser, the empty chair across the table gets harder for a guy to fill. When you are young people need a body, when they get older they need a man.
Enjoy that empty chair if it isn't filled with a creep, and there is room for a good guy in your life when you run into one. You might be lonesome, but I am glad you aren't with a dirt bag. It demonstrates you are being discriminating. And you should be.

satan can help fff=666


I hear you; I'm staying single till that "one" stands out. Sounds crazy but I'm seriously scared of love lol, real talk tho, I've been through the roughest parts of it and I know deep I fall when I do so I rather be certain then engage in a relationship that it's just going to waste both our times, I'll just a bachelor for now and keep certain personal morals. Feeling lonely is a mothfu*ka but it's better to wait out the pain of being alone and eventually get that one; that other half. Just stay grounded on yourself and be around close friends, continue on your path with whatever career you chose and LIVE life, enjoy life for what it is and it'll come.
Take care sweety, I hope the best :)...stay positive.

Sorry with the misspells,

time heals everything :)

I'm in same situation for almost 3 years that so terrible

I feel you.

Yeah. I try virtual cuddles but it's not the same

I'm sorry. but I understand what ur saying

I know how you feel for the most part. I just recently broke up with this amazing girl (in my opinion).

Why'd you break up? If you don't mind me asking? My ex wasn't a bad person, he just did hurtful things but I think he has mental health issues

we broke up because i didn't know how to communicate properly. I'm working on getting that fixed. we decided to take a break while I'm fixing my issues.

That's really good that your getting help, it's a brave and strong thing to do. I told him I'd stand by him if he got help for his issues, he kept saying he would then never did, so I couldn't stand by and let him destroy me

Yeah i was the same way too but now I'm taking things slow but surly and she's the same way.

I really hope it works out for you, I wish you all the luck in the world :) and even if it doesn't work out with her, you would have sorted yourself out so the next girl you meet, you'll be able to get it right :)

thank you. same thing with you. :)

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*throws cuddles at you* :c

Oh thankz

i'm 27, been single my whole life but miss the same things. Used to come home to my best female friend when she stayed at mine for six months and get exactly what you described ... there was no sexual meaning or unresolved feelings, just pure comfort ... however from that it's what i want in life. that kind of safety and support makes a relationship worthwhile ... i hope you enjoy the single life whilst you can but also i hope the guy who next steals your heart is a good one who realises that relationships are built on moments like you described x

He forgot those moments as soon as I was out the door for work. But if we had the whole weekend that I didn't have to go anywhere without him, he would be the best bf ever. Abit like a child, if he had my undivided attention, he wouldn't even pick up his phone. If I was out at work or with friends, he'd be on there straight away trying to hook up with girls. So I know it's the right thing to do, being single now, but it's so difficult

was he older or younger ? as the problem you've described is one i've seen frequently among my female friends ... essentially no matter the age, the gent was too immature to handle a real and commited relationship full time. He may have displayed good qualities when alone with you but i have to say the best relationships i've seen are the ones that don't change depending on whose in the room x

He was same as me, 25. Yeah, it shouldn't be out of sight of out mind. He'd be texting me at work aswell, whilst he was on my laptop, in my bed, skyping other girls. He obviously has no conscience, or that's the reason he'd get so angry when I told him he was a cheat

:/ ... sounds likea guy who hasn't grown up or been brought up the right way, for myself i was brought up not believing a woman was a fragile thing to be treated as such, nor as an object to be used ... i was taught to be kind and chivalrous where applicable and just find someone compatitable ... easy advice to give, i know ... f*cking hard to follow though as you and i have both found out lol

His dad cheated on his mum, she took him back, but my ex told me he thought his dad was disgusting for cheating and he hated him for it, that's why I was so shocked when he did it. I turned round and said he was exactly like his dad and that was when he said if I didn't shut up he'd hit me. He saw what it did to his mum, but he couldn't understand why I took it so hard. Yeah, I'm great at giving advice, just don't listen to it myself! It's like I KNOW what is right and what iv got to do, but getting my feelings to do the same is hard

:) again i fully understand and sympathise ... i can give advice to friends and family ... but can i follow it myself, can i buggery.

Not sure what i can do for you tonight except say i wish you virtual cuddles (although they're crap compared to the real thing) and that i'll be here to chat should you need it x

Thank you, you've been really supportive x

hey its what we're all here for x... my view of this site is posting my problems and having those who understand or sympathise reply

or trying to help others when you see someone post something you've been through yourself x

lol damn now you've got me all mopey over the fact that no-one seems to want me in my life and that hugs on the couch are a distant memory and a far flung fantasy is a chaste kiss lol x

Oh, whoops I'm sorry! At least you know someone is feeling exactly the same thing x

yup ... one of the things i hate about this site are the ones who reply with sexual **** straight away to someones problems or the obviously fake profiles of youngsters or shysters who are advertising themselves for perversion or website advertisements, i mean your post is one i've seen similar ones of before. You're upset and a little lonely, i imagine if you put this post up again you;d get creepy buggers who just wanted sex or dirty talk and that just doesn't sit wqell with me. the whole point of this place is to give people like you and i a way of anonamously posting our innermost thoughts without worrying about friends or family seeing them, this means we can be as honest as possible ... but having idiots reply makes it harder to take this site seriously and that annoys me :( . ... to me a relationship contains a sexual component, yes, but that is a small part in the larer whole ... you should feel comfortable sitting around doing nothing with each other, you should feel comfortable introducing your partner to your friends, you should be happy to bring them to meet your family and most of all you should just feel better in their company ....

Apologies i've gone on a bit of a rant here lol covered a couple of different points and not even sure they make sense at this time of the morning lol :P

It's hard as I am a very sexual person too, we had a lot of sex, but we could also just watch TV and share a bag or Doritos, lol. I can't see what I did wrong and he tells me he doesn't know. So I'm like, if it's just me, the way I am, then why will anyone else want me? I can't fix it if I don't know what was wrong with me. Yeah I get some pervy messages and replies :/

think about it in basic terms, were you kind, thoughtful and generally a nice person ... if so, then the problem you have described seems to lie more in his court than yours x

you're not perfect, but then again no one is ... but you tried your best and were the best person you could be ... the fact that he was too immature to realise what he had is entirely his fault and not a reflection on you

Yeah but he tells me it was all me. I asked him why he didn't just leave then? And he told me because he loves me :/

I dont know you well hun but i truly hope you listen when i say .... don't you dare believe that **** x from everything you've said so far, i believe you to be a wonderful person x do not allow your life to be slowed down by some childish pratt who didn't have the brains to realise what he was throwing away x

Thank you x

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cuddles are the hardest thing to get over. :(