Well there's no easier way to put it but i caught my boyfriend cheating on me 3 days ago, so I'm officially single and going through a rough time, we had been together for 6 years and to know that he was with this other girl even before i dated him, worst holiday vacation ever ??
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**** happens in life my friend would say.

What the heck is that? Spam?

Add me please

Hang in there

hayy... i feel you girl. pm me if you wanna talk :)

I hope you feel better soon. I know how that feels

Unfortunately too many guys cheat

Why'd he do it?


he's a jerk

doesnt sound to me like he deserved your love and devotion.

Sounds bad hope your ok

i think the majority of the responses are enough to show how much support you have ????????

Now you're one step closer to the man who's right for you. Don't be discouraged, just be patient.

Msatlas is gorgeous!

Sorry to hear that. Just shows you he wasn't the right guy for you.

Oh I am so sorry to hear that! Nothing will ruin the holidays like a cheating partner! I found out my husband and partner of 7yrs was cheating on me for a over month last Christmas. He cheated on me Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas ... AND I found out the day before my birthday New Years Eve! Everyone was celebrating and I was f**king miserable. It's been a year and Its literally ruined my favorite holiday and favorite time of year! :( So lady I've literally walked in your shoes and its an awful feeling. Try to spend the holidays with friends or family that can cheer you up and bring you frequent rounds of drinks! You are valuable and don't deserve this horrible act of deceitfulness.

Baby I am so sorry my girlfriend cheated on me for the whole 3 years we where together and I broke up with her and it was 1 of November and just met my soul mate life gets better just smile all you can

That's GOT to be disappointing! I don't care HOW good looking he is, THAT'S GOT to be disappointing! 😔

Geez, sorry to hear that. His loss

better single than be with a cheating retard on Christmas.

Absolutely. It's better to know before and not spend it with a ******* cheating liar as he excepts all your presents and pretends nothing is going on. Can I dump coal on him? Ugh

dump hot coal from the barbeque on him.

*accepts all your presents

Guys are stupid, you look beautiful n he probably cheated with some ugly *****, better to find out now and dump his sorry ***. Sorry you wasted so much time with him, but hey now you're single and can find someone better

I was engaged once after a relationship of 2 years. I had to return to England (from US) to deal with my grandmother passing and my fiancée Penny was following out a week later. She never showed or answered my calls. When I got back to US a month later I was due to stay in a hotel but mysteriously my room was no longer available. I went to the next hotel and the night clerk, as I walked in, said "Hi you must be Greg" I asked who he was and he said he was Penny's boyfriend! Say WHAT?! Then he said there were no rooms left in town due to a dog convention - go figure! So he offered to drive me to a hotel just outside of town. I didn't have much choice having just got back in the country and its 1am. As we drove I asked how she was and what the deal was. That's when he told me she was expecting! I would have knocked him out right there if he wasn't driving. The hotel he drove me to had one room left. It was the honeymoon suite! I cried a lot that night. The irony of it all felt like an extra twist of the knife already plunged deep in my heart!
My point? I feel your pain. Although at the moment and in that moment you feel all alone and empty and confused and angry - the reality is you are not alone, others have passed that way before and many will pass that way again. It hurts but it's supposed to. Not because life sucks but because it has found a way to help you appreciate the right one more than ever when he does finally come along!!
Hang in there!

Damn, that's nasty.
That and she was gutless enough to send the bf instead of a simple phone call.

That is indeed hard to beat.

Damn our strength is tested in some crazy ways hey? I am proud of u for making it through that night in the honeymoon suite good on u :) u held ur head up and maybe u broke down behind closed doors u did it!! Please tell me u have had a lil shake ur head chuckle moment over this memory. .tell me u asked uself "what the F"? and giggled but for a second? (Hugs)

I have absolutely laughed my head off about it since that night. I mean it's such a crazy experience! It hurt like hell at the time but my God, life has a beautiful crazy wacky way of teaching you stuff! No, I laugh a lot when I tell people this now!

tough tittes. Are you thinking of going out tonight? Something to take the mind off the topic?

Hey, you be nicer to her!

Add a response...

I already have.

You traveled to see him or what? Why is it worst holiday vavation ever? I think it would be worse if you did not find out, he kept doing it and you stayed with him. You need someone that want you and only you.

Isn't this a male talking about his gf?

6years? My goodness

dat suck so much... why cant ppl just be committed in a real relationship instead of playing around... those who play with others heart is worst then scums

That's a terrible thing to do, as my mum says something good always comes out of something bad :-)

I like what your mom says!

Thank you and then she says chin up lad :-)

Where you from?

I'm so sorry! What a horrible person to do that! Sending you big hugsssss

At least you don't have to be with him a minute longer. Being with someone who doesn't appreciate or respect you is worse than being single.... single rhymes with jingle... don't just sit around. Go a-jingling into new and more promising opportunities.

Well you can talk to me if you need someone to talk to.

You are too sexy he doesn't know what he is losing.

I had one nearly as bad but it's not a competition. Sorry your relationship ended on such a bad note & I hope you can move on soon.

Really sorry to here about that, we humans tend to do stupid stuff!!

Men are idiots

Awww, *hugs* I'm sorry. I bet your a wonderful girl too. He's lost so much.

Well he's drop dead stupid

Seriously, how could he do better?

I caught mine doing the shadiest stuff you could imagine and hes in jail!

This sounds like an interesting story. ^^

Oh interesting is an understatement

Have you shared it in your posts...because now you got me hooked with an intro like that! ;)

Well lets start with how I moved provinces put everything I owned into a storage unit sold ny beautiful car came to a city where I knew nobody because the love of my life was begging me to come so I could marry him as soon as he got out of jail or while he was inside because I am the best thing thats ever happened to him (we have been together for 2 1/2 years and NO he wasn't in jail when I met him lol) he calls me 9x a day writes me love letters got my name tattooed across his heart. He is physically thr most beautiful man I have ever seen, smoking sexy and I am ridiculously in love so I MOVED he made promises of a job upon my arrival through a jail mate who lined up a really good job AND SOMEWHERE to live until I figured everything out. I arrived NO JOB panned out, the place I wad to stay in was a METH HOUSE (I don't use drugs) I went to my estranged sisters house eith lack of other choices and due to her mental issues it lasted 2 days before she assaulted me punched e in the face n threw me out in a snowstorm. I got picked up by yet another one of thr desirable people u meet thru a hookup from jail :( and it was more drug addicts. ALL THIS TIME I CRIED SILENTLY AND TRUGGED ON FOR THIS MAN, I ended up calling emergency services who picked me up amd took me down to a shelter. After half hour of talking to me they knew I wouldn't make it in a street level shelter because thats not what my lifestyle has ever been (truly humbling) they managed to get me emergency shelter in a hotel amd a chance at a small damage deposit n rent if i found a roommate. ...out of desperation I found a girl online who seemed to good to be true....ya well she is nothing short of Kathy Bates character in Misery my word psychotic has her name beside it in the dictionary! ALL THIS FOR THE LOVE OF MY LIFE LOL...I couldn't take her **** anymore she pushed me and I punched her out SOMETHING IN MY EMTIRE LIFE I HAVE NEVER DONE.she called cops.from work the next day amd opened an assault file on me and posted all over Facebook that i assaulted her. I went without food for 2 weeks so hungry amd she would cook amd eat in front of me night n day. Never once offered a thing, never been hungry in my life :( ALL FOR THR LOVE OF MY LIFE...;NOW 2 days before Christmas im trying to find somewhere to live and I jist got a job after applying for over 145 jobs mo income for 3 months. ..I have been LOYAL to this man for 2 years!!
One day 2 weeks ago I spoke to his younger brother who said he accepted my boyfriends friend request on Facebook. ..?? Im like what Facebook? Hes in jail he doesn't have Facebook. He told ne the name on Facebook and funny he used his first n middle name on this page but had someone obviously out on the street set it up for him BUT BLOCKED ME FIRST ad I couldn't find him from my Facebook I had to . open a fake one where I discovered my MAN was posting to the female public that he was looking forward to being single again and if anyone wanted to IBM him their numbers he would call them! ! His friends list contained girls not the greatest breed of them and some barely legal page after page. I cried reading all his posts that reflected someone I never knew :( them after 3 days of begging n crying I gave him a chance to delete it because he n his stupid brain told me he did it to make me care more??? Hello? U blocked me idiot u didn't want me to see anything :( and u humiliated ne to everyone. ..then after this dies down I am watching dr Phil about older women with younger men (there is a 15 year age difference between us but I have always been with younger men..
No biggy...so I got this gut feeling to go and check a website he always joked about "sugar mammas) amd I found a site called cougars for life or something so I did a Lil search just to satisfy this gut feeling and VOILA theres my sexy man with a pic I took last summer in our back yard lol looking for a nice non drama lady with a healthy lifestyle .
.my heart sank. I sat up all night crying waiting for my 8am call from him and broke down. Bhe swore up and down he didn't make that profile lol that the guy that did his Facebook did it lol ya OK dude. Once again I was starting a new job living with this psycho who I truly believe is trying to poison me...and I was devastated hungry and I still took my guys calls of forgiveness. I am alone no friends needy for him not had a hug kiss let alone a good bang 4 1/2 months and God knows when we would ne together again. I swore I would never leave him and today I am so stressed I am so . lonely and trying so hard to see the reason to carry onneith him. I have managed to make a little money driving my sister around and I put it on his phone and canteen in jail visit him everyday and he does this. He cheated on me a year ago and I did something I SAID I NEVER WOULD DO...I FORGAVE THE CHEATER. ..and tonight he called me unacceptable names accused me of being a ***** in very bad way said I'm doing drugs and that I am ugly and old looking with the ugliest *** he has ever seen :( NOTE:, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (SAN SUI) I let it be known that I hated my *** it was getting loose and he attacked me he knows inam insecure a little about our age difference even though I DO NOT LOOK MY AGE AT ALL? I AM NOT BEING CONCEITED but I am a very sexy attractive lady and he is a shady piece of ****. He called me 12x after he called me and nasty ugly old looking ***** to apologize and I ignored all of them. Here I sit outside the psycho house typing out this post about my miserable life and I'm alone here FOR THIS MAN THAT WAS SO IN LOVE WITH ME WANTED TO MARRY ME WATCHED ME GIVE EVERYTHING UP FOR HIS BROKEN PROMISES and 2 weeks ago he was shopping online for my replacement :( ooooh there is much more but I think this will do it hahaha.
Hope it was a good read. He also said if I leave him in dead....well would that be so bad was my reply. ....anyway all good. Strength definitely being tested xoxoox

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Ugh. LOSURRRR. Don't worry; I'm sure the other girl will get cheated on as well.

C'mon give the man another chance, a man can only resist temptation for so long, that woman just came in and swooped that man you have been grooming for six years! if you really did love him you gotta fight for him.

It's probably because hes such a dam good catch though, it ain't his fault women are always trowing themselves at him, she has to understand shes got something real good. Otherwise she should find an ugly man that no other woman would like.

i caught him ******* someone else in our apartment ill never forgive him

Well he probably wanted to get caught since that's the likeliest place to be caught. I think he was just trying to tell you he needs more loving, you gotta love him more so he wont ever have to look for it elsewhere.

I am sorry for you...I cannot see why people feel the need to cheat??? I know its no help but you are far better off without him. If he cheated he doesn't respect you as a person and thats not someone who you want to be with.

I hate cheating. I really hurts you inside. Causes so much doubt within yourself.

Better late than never finding out the guy is untrustworthy. Now you are free to find someone who actually deserves you.

I know it hurts, but you should thank your lucky stars that you found out now before you spent any more of your time with a loser like that. Or even worse if you had found out after marraige.

Sorry for your loss

Don't take this the wrong way. But. I'm sending you a hug!

He must be stupid to cheat on you.


That's horrible - the worst time of year to break up too. On a lighter note, I hope you kept the receipts for his presents?

Haha i did

Good good :)

That'll be therapeutic taking them back. Think how healthy your bank balance will be. Then go out and get hammered, forget the rat - he was never worthy of you!

haha mow dats funny

She may return