I can't wait to have no one to kiss on New Year's Eve lol
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i am also single n i want to kiss u n do something special between your legs

same.... :(

hey kiss your friends , doesn't have to be your boyfriend per se

Hey, you're not the only single person out there

same :(

He didn't kiss you last year ...why?

Just have some champagne or other beverage, and wish people a Happy New Year.

Just draw a face on your hand. No one will notice its not a person your kissing.

#StruggleIsReal :b

I am married so me too, I think it has been a year since he has kissed me.

holly ..your at the best stage of life ,good looking gal.able to get in some where with a wink of an eye, they will notice you sweety . a woman has control she can let men in or shut them down.....patience in choosing ...alot of guys will try to take advantage of o young woman as you

you and me both lol

at least you can have scream makers and noise makers and not worry about farting in bed....it is not worth kissing a toad at midnight.

I'm sure by your own choice

message me we can meet if we try


like to be u r friend add me !!

like to be u r friend add me !!

I'll kiss you

I'll take it (:

You get use to it , I buy Hersey kisses to fill the void.

Kissssss, snog, groovey baby.
Luv n kisses from London, Merry Xmas

Join the club :'(

ikr lol

As pretty as you are that's really hard to imagine. I'm with you the same.

I've been single for like 7 months now :p

Now you have to be lying :)

I'm dead serious. My ex left me lol

His loss!

:( You seem really nice, they're missing out.

Thanks you guys

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Same here. Hope to have a woman and have her preggers by this time next year