i almost had an "i need a guy" moment, but then I was able to get the wine open
Angelcum Angelcum
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So you're the wild kind who prefer to just life life and enjoy rather than settle down and enjoy the chill moments? ;D

You have a wicked sense of humor! Love it,

do you want a guy with an 11" ****

That's why I pop pills everytime a woman try to come on to me

Call me next time - them wine boxes can be tricky.

I think you need to change your screen name to Angelcum Cool

Forget the wine what I like is white hot chocolate with marshmallows topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

You will quickly forget about men as you taste the hot white milk chocolate slides down your throat and the whipped cream gives you a white moustache

You would love it

I have been single for OVER A YEAR and have not got anything in that time either so your not alone.
Just need to stop thinking about sex and relationships 24/7 and enjoy your life because otherwise it will pass you by.

You will meet somebody eventually just have to be patient your young and a nice person/
I really think it might be good for you to join an internet dating site.
I think they are free for you to put up a profile so cost you nothing just the guy who writes you.

Get your friends to set you up on dates now and again come on Angel you can be happy I know it


You have the best posts lol

I'm telling ya, EP famous

Good :)

I know a couple of women that would have broken the bottle for asking a guy for help.

haha....love that comment....best wishes Wild D

drinking alone sad


like what?

Too cute! Red or white?

Now you are ready for a guy


Your corky as can be


Lol. I love it!!

You don't need a guy but it'll be nice to have someone to care about you ☺️

Lol..I like that.

I almost had that moment, too! But I realised I had Vaseline on my bed side.

Me Too..Yes Sobered up and off Girly Moments since last Decade, All due to my friends Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan...:)