Tonight, I killed a spider, all by myself. AND....I fixed the broken doorknob. Sort of. I feel all empowered
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Well done! (and sorry I'm late with this response).

By the way, you could just throw the spider out of your house, too...

Thanks! But I really can't throw them out. I'm terrified of them. I wouldn't be able to pick something up, knowing there was a living spider in it.

This made me laugh. Thank you!

No problem :) I'm usually good for a laugh

Don't you feel accomplished when you do the little things that seemed like such a big deal before you ever did them on your own?

That's the spirit!

Don't over-do it. I hope you saved some of that excitement for today.

The doorknob is an ongoing thing

So am I.



•••__••• My brethren and I shall haunt you forever

I am facing the single life too. We are still in the same house for now, so he still deals with anything to be fixed. I've got this book on how to fix anything, (for women) and a tool kit.
Every time we learn a new skill - like fixing the door knob - it feels great. Congratulations on your new found independence.

hey, baby steps. I cannot tell you how pathetic I was when I first tried to fix stuff or deal with stuff when I lived by myself. OMG.....I was so worthless. After a while you will be doing things you never imagined.

Best Wishes Wild D

Thank you. I believe I will get better at it. I'm even going to get brave enough to crawl under the house and change the air conditioning filter eventually

Very nice. Love a woman that works hard

Learn how to fix a broken toilet and get a step stool for the top shelf then you will be ready to conquer all domestic challenges with ease and poise.

I'm pretty tall. I've got the top shelf thing under control

come and fix me

I only really know how to use a screwdriver and a hammer. Which one will I need?

i am screwed in pretty well, so i guess i need the hammer to straighten out my thoughts

Never put yourself in a position to where you need a man. If you want one around that's ok.

Women can do just fine on their own.

Yes we can. My mom always did. I've just been living with this man since I was 18, so I never had to take care of the spiders

A poor little spider is not going to eat you.

I'm not scared of being bitten. I'm scared of them crawling on me with their super creepy legs

I've never had a issue with spiders, when they're outside. They catch bugs. It's when they're in the house.

This one was in the house. I avoid them outside. That's their home

A few years ago I visited the aquarium in Washington DC. Near the exit was a display with big spiders. It was open. I asked don't they get away? The lady said yeah, but they don't go far. We catch them and bring them back.

I assume they were harmless but they were alittle bigger than your average house spider.

Why the hell would they do something so horrifying?

I think I can imagine you walking by there.

Running. You can imagine me running by there.

Is that right after the heart attack?


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You go Girl!

Add me

Tried to add u

you're, like, a superhero. that's two things that my lazy/frightened behind will never do.

People often mistake me for a superhero. I'm pretty awesome like that

Wow, how fantastic. :P

But seriously, congratulations I suppose haha.

It was pretty big for me. Spiders are the worst things ever

Why? Unless they're the big poisonous kind, I don't really see a problem with them, I never have. :P

I have arachnophobia

Ah I see.

Well, a good first step I suppose, keep it up.

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take that momentum and run with... do something new and exciting and important

I'm going to a job interview. Does that count?

Ew I saw a spider tonight in my KITCHEN and I just left it, wimped out. Ugh now it's lurking... Training, growing stronger....

I get it. The fear of knowing it's here somewhere, but it's location unknown, that's how I find the courage to go after them

to hell with "save a spider" murder those creepy looking things... even if I was reincarnated as a spider I would kill myself.

I'm glad someone understands

That's great, but get yourself a spider jar. Catch it instead of killing it. Put it outside where it belongs. The little guy just wondered away from its home, and wants to live too.

I'm afraid I can't make myself do that. I can barely work up the nerve to smack them with a shoe, then run, on case I missed. I'm terrified of them. But I do feel bad about killing them

I used to do that too, but I always felt bad about it. I realize they are more scared than us and want to live as much as we do. If I can save it, I will. I've spent 15 minutes trying to catch one - I don't touch it. I once left a scorpion in the shower for two weeks because I couldn't whack it. I used the other one until it disappeared. If I have no way of saving it, I will kill it, but I hate to do that, so I now have a jar and couple of yogurt cartons to catch and release.

good girl

Spiders kill mosquitoes that causes dengue to people so i dont kill spiders. I put the spiders in my garden.

I don't have a garden. And I'm terrified of the spiders

hahahahaha I love independant women.... them evil spider killers.

Plz don't kill spiders! They don't bite or do anything bad to humans and in fact eat worse thing like Mosquitos and moths! Plus they are really good for the environment Just pick them up with some paper or a cup and put them outside Congrats on feeling empowered! Thank you!

I'm afraid they must die. They may not bite, but they will crawl on me. And that's my worst fear. Outside, they can my house, they have to die

If you can just put them outside we can all live in harmony They are such good and innocent beings Think about it?

No Not the ones found in a home environment unless you live in Africa or some such place Most small spiders found in a house eat very tiny insects with their very tiny mouths and are not toxic at all Look it up

So what about the brown recluse that bit my mother in her house or the black widows that I keep finding in my house

Where do you live?! Lol I did say the small spiders that are usually found in homes I've never heard of anyone having black windows in their home!

you must not watch much Discovery or National Geographic...

What does National Geographic or Discovery have to do with animals I would have in my home?

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High five*

Blow it up?

but, you killed an innocent spider. :-(

It was guilty. We had a trial

sounds more like a summary judgment, you domestic despot!

I was the presiding judge

as we suspected! [nothing short of open revolt and revolution will end her tyranny...time to mobilize the creepy crawlies...]

Watch it....don't want to end up like the spiders

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That is awesome Alicia!


You go girl!

I'm gone :)

I'd celebrate if I was you.

I am :)

lol How did you manage to break the doorknob?

I didn't. It was just messed up. I have no idea what happened

Other then that you did wonderful job ;-)

You are having a fantastically wonderful day. WTG!!!

And did the doorknob get broken from killing the spider

Nope. But that isn't unimaginable. I can see me ripping the doorknob off in an attempt to flee a spider