I'm basically just a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards
Angelcum Angelcum
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And I though I was alone in this

So...you're a woman...

Angelcom , you have some very interesting comments. I am a much older man but I can remember when I was your age, I was a blast !!!! If you would like to converse please msg me. I have no rules or boundaries, on which you want to talk about.

Tell me about your standards please? In message or here. I just want to know.

sounds like a good path in life

how are you single you look very pretty

Join the club!

Where were you 30 years ago...all three are good things! Take my word for it...I have found all three of those and it makes for some very fun times!

So tell me anglecum if your a hopeless romantic and if you have a lover a boy what would you do for him with your dirty mind with some moral standards but your name says it all but with high standards

Whoa whoa slow it down there angel I can only process one thing at a time. So, your hopeless . . . in my experience, so is everyone. And you have a dirty mind . . . that's a bit relative; its hard for me to know if its really dirty or like "ohh I saw some upper leg today (giggle giggle[please pm your weirdest most diabolical fantasy with a picture or series of pictures of yourself]) And high standards? How high? like, must have own TV high or must have unlimited line of credit high?

Well how about we get together and be dirty minded, hopeless romantics with high standards with eachother??

Yea...me too...just a lil extra emotional.

...lowering standards just slightly, turns a dirty mind into dirty sex, lot more fun than being single !!!

Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and waiting until you find what your looking for!

That's a perfect description of me! Let's talk.

Well if you don't mind being single there's nothing wrong with that

That's one alternative, All talk and no action with nothing but hope to guide you. Probably not going to get off the ground with that one.

The alternative would be to try, analyze, adjust, and try again with talking being an alternative. That's the NASA approach.

Or there's the jump right in and see if you sink or swim and report your findings one way or the other. That's Kind of like the Mars One project.

Me too...

you're so right about both

same as me

we noticed

you don't go for second best

That's an odd combination lol good luck

Could u be my valentine