Drunk alone playing pokemon SINGLE LIFE!! lmao.
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Awww man, what I wouldn't give to see you challenge the Elite Four like that haha.

yes pokemon

many drunk pokemon fans

Which is your favorite Pokemon

So true

If you're feeling extra frisky play some CoD drunk ops.

thats awesome

I LOVE pokemon lol.

been there a time or two lol


I can see why ypur single.

i am single and dont get drunk, i dont knpw how to play pokemon.

Hope it is Alpha Sapphire!

Would you rather read "Grey's Anatomy"?

Wooooo!!! Lol that actually sounds fun

Keep drinking till you pass out!:)

I can think of worse things ;)

You just gave two reasons as to why your alone. keep going your on a roll.

Oh can I play with you

good 1


That makes two of us. become single on valentines day :/ :(

at least you had fun getting ignored on valentines day was pretty much me :(

that's not fun huh :/

Undrunk, binge watching Game of Thrones... company would be nice though1

I wasn't either till saw it. too old to be a Pokedad

haha, maybe if didn't have so many other games to play. ElderScrolls, Fallout...

So you a Poke' trainer, sell trained pokemon to little kids?

Was in Japan last summer, tried getting some Poke' pix while there but they are just not as into it as used to be and only got a few.

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Single life is the best!!!

Like all day everyday!!


sounds like a fun time

Sounds like a good time :)

That's like, the best way to spend single time though haha

haha awesome