Single at the moment and I am learning to love every moment. No rush in getting into any relationship.
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I am single also!!

Enjoy singledom while you still can :)

I have been for two years and just starting to get back into the dating scene. Its nice taking time for myself and doing things I enjoy doing :)

good for you!!

Add me

quite right


No man no cry :)


Being single is very healthy. Being alone is very very healthy. You can't be in a healthy co-dependent relationship until you learn to be happy being single and independent :)


that's right

That's smart

Did you just get out of one?

Very true! :)


If you are in that great place, love will find you very quickly, it happens when we are not looking for it and that is the best kind,

So true, it just comes from no where...

It is when we are not so needy that we draw the right person to us, interesting how that works, thanks for your lovely response.

Well said darlingrose. I'll keep that in mind. :)

I feel the same way as well. Some people think I'm crazy for wanting to be single.

Yeah. They just don't understand. If the right man comes then why not?

Exactly. Some of my relatives were shocked when I said that and told me I'm too pretty to be single. So what? It's like women aren't allowed to be single!

My relatives say that too! Exactly. We should be in charge of our own lives. We're wise enough to know what we want and when and how to get it.

The independence that we have is great. Having been in relationship I know what it is. But there are the times I do really miss that close intimate connection

I get you. Esp if you recently been into one, you will miss that feeling of having someone.


I applaud your courage and positive attitude. Many young woman think that they are only complete when they have a full time guy in their lives. You know who you are and that is so powerful. Many blessings to you.

Thank you very much. Sometimes I'm not this mature though, I also think about being with someone. I miss the feeling. But I don't want to make rash decisions.

One usually misses the intimacy, the closeness. That's where I think the yearning, desire comes from.

Learn yourself first as an adult

Thx. Good advice!

When you date someone, take it as a learning experience, there will be hurts along the way, but it is the only way to find the person out there you have the best chance of being happy with. Lastly, take a chance with someone who is not "your type". I worked with a gal for about 2 years, never thought of asking her out, she just simply wasn't my type, I had a penchant for blonde, blue eyed long jaw, tall, slender to a little over weight. The gal at work was short, brunette, brown eyes, more overweight than I like, but we were checking out of the building one night at the same time, I asked if she would care for a cup of coffee, she said yes. That was 25 years ago, we have spent 24 sharing morning coffee. What I am saying is, I knew myself well enough, that when we got together I recognized, right looks or not, this was the person I needed and wanted in my life. Had not that spur of the moment action taken place and she accepted, I would probably still be looking. I was 40 at the time it was a long wait for her.

Such a great story, I agree when you have that picture of the perfect person so firmly in your mind, you miss so many other great people , because you don't even see them, so give up the image and look for the real person that you can share your life with, on this one I speak from experience .

thank you Rose, mine is from experience also, she was my second marriage, and I am pretty sure she is my last.

Such a nice story. I hope I also get to have one as interesting as yours. Truly inspiring. You can never really know esp when it comes to matters of the heart.

True, you don't

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Yip, enjoy the you-time - not having to worry about someone else and what they want to do, just do as you please. It's great, in short spells...

Will def do that! Thx!

Just don't drink yourself half to death, which is what my liver is telling me today!!! Lol

That's no problem. I'm a lightweight. Stay healthy tho! :)