At this point I'm 95% sure my soulmate is a piece of bread
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older but it appeared on my homepage anyway so...

aha! so you're the one my flour ran away to be with :)

Hey I'm not bread

Just keep on living. You're still young.

I've been engaged to tacos for a while.

So when's the wedding?

There's a lady who married herself because she realized she was her own soulmate. This man married his dog because it was his loyal companion. Id love to see on the news "lady finds love when making a peanut butter jelly sandwich and decided not to cut it in half xD"

Bread won't cheat on me or leave me, I'm onto something here I'm telling ya

But it will become mold :( unlesssss you freeze it <3 heh can I be the flowers girl?

Of course!


I would say finding love and keeping it is the hardest thing to do.

My only advise is to love yourself more than you love anyone. Love is the most rewarding but also the most painful emotion. If you love yourself then no one can truly hurt you

im 55 and my soul mate is tea and toast

Bless, you will find someone I'm sure! And he will be a lucky guy!!!

Idk I'm pretty happy with cinnamon bread

I would be happy with cinnamon bread too.

If your soulmate is going to be bread, make sure it's Kings Hawaiian Bread. It tastes like heaven.


Why you believe that?

Because I've been single for a really long time, no one is even interested in me, but I really love bread. So bread is my soulmate

Maybe you been trying to hard?

Not sure what that means

Like you're looking for a bf when you should let it happen

I haven't been looking for a boyfriend but okay whatever you say

Then idk maybe you just need to wait for the right guy

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You're still young have fun being single you'll find someone u look pretty

But that 5% is enough to hope

Be careful Carbs make you fat.

Don't really care