I am currently enjoying a committed relationship with 2 men simultaneously, the first called Ben, and the second called Jerry.
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Your nickname for Ben is "Chubby Hubby" and you love it when Jerry gives you "Chocolate Therapy". It is really sweet when Ben calls you "Cinnamon Buns" but your favorite is when Jerry does the "Chunky Monkey"

Thank God, I read all the other comments, so now I can pass off as smart. :-)

I bet you are.

I really enjoyed reading the responses. So many people on this site take everything seriously. You enjoy your two men as much as possible.

You sure it's not Ben and Jerry Ice cream, Because I'm in committed relationship too with them, It's amazing isn't it??

That's exactly what I'm talking about lol


lol so heart attack over heartbreak huh?

Honestly... as long as your happy with this... i say go you! Everyone is unhappy with being single or unhappy with their relationship or this or that. I think the reason is because we all forget that the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. I am sure being in your situation comes with its ups and downs but the key is to let it empower you not to let it bring you down. I wish you luck and all the best.

i am going to go binge eat ice cream not to eat away my embarrassment.

Haha don't be embarrassed, it was sweet lol

Ahh yes I dated them... You gotta watch them they're very rich and they will spoil you .. keep you in the house and get you fat 😂😂😂😂


Half baked :)

Haha :)

haha !!

Great, now I want ice cream...

Yeah... I heard one of 'em is a chunky monkey....

Where do you find the time? Do you enjoy it? Do they each think you see them exclusively?

I do enjoy it. It usually only takes me like 2 days to finish a small carton, then I have to go back and buy some more.

you are completely hilarious!! it took me a minute, but I totally got it.

What's your favorite flavor?

Cherry Garcia

Coffee Toffee!

I should win you away from them.


Ice cream

OMG I am SO sorry I didn't get that the joke was implying Ben and Jerry's >.> oh boy...I'm more of a Baskin-Robbins girl

Typical girl, who likes her taste different guys at the same time before finalizing on one.



they`ll never let you down,ever

Never ever

This is amazing !! I wish I could have that too ...

You can! For only $5.49 at Walmart.

oh my,i became a gay because of them..and ********** are irresistible..

How did you become gay over ice cream

ahh,you make jokes but couldn't understand one.. lol

Nah man, I understand good jokes perfectly. What I don't understand is mindless babble

That was goood! LOL

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