People Who Mean Well.....

EDIT: I have since found someone incredibly special--just goes to show that when you aren't even expecting it, the right love can come along and ♥♥♥♥ I'm so glad I didn't rush, it allowed me to find the perfect guy♥

I have since left this group....... but go ahead and enjoy the story.

I'm tired of people looking at me in shock when I say I'm single. They always say the same crap, "but you're so pretty, surely you can't have a problem getting dates." UGH! Why does everyone assume I can't be happy single--as though I'm somehow incomplete without a boyfriend to latch on to. I'm not a barnacle, or some kind of fungus---I can survive on my own!

I like being single. That doesn't mean I never want to be in a relationship, but I'm certainly not going to rush into one at this point. In fact, a couple of months ago I decided to take a long break from dating--period. After a few emotionally draining relationships, I realized I kept picking out guys who are much more dramatic and argumentative than I am. I'm naturally a very laidback, peaceloving and I just like to find the humor in day to day life. Somehow I was getting mixed up with guys very different than me and it was causing me a lot of misery.

Well I am very happy when I don't have someone in my life who expects me to answer to him. I need a break to just focus on me, but when I am finally ready to put myself back out there, I expect a partnership, not a dictatorship----and I definitely need someone who doesn't yell or argue, but can rationally and logically express himself without being quarrelsome, manipulative, unreasonable or possessive.

Anyhoo, for the time being I wish people would relax with the baffled looks and, "but you're so pretty" crap. Yes I stay in great shape and I brush my hair and I even wear heels! LOL! Sheesh, taking care of yourself should not just be to lure a mate! I don't wanna look like crap, just for the sake of not looking like crap! Should I stop taking showers too? LOL ;-P

Meh, I know they mean well. It's just that I'm smart, I've accomplished some pretty cool things so far, and I have many more aspirations.....but all I hear is, "Wow, you look great--how come you're still single?" Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! @#&%*@!$#&$@%*^$@$%&@&%$%&!!!!!

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i LOVED reading this. i get the same problems too, but i am SO happy with my single life!

same thing here...evryone says that to mehh too

You're attractive. You attract males because they see you as a good mate for mating. Healthy woman, healthy babies. It's the biological draw, the human, animal instinct. Perhaps you attracted those crazy guys because you saw a part, maybe hidden part, of yourself in them that you need to confront, but you don't so when you see it in someone else, you like them. I suggest reading "Living in the Light" the NEW version by Shakti Gawain. It helped me a lot, it might not help you, but it helped me a lot. Maybe you want to be single because you feel like you don't know yourself well enough yet...<br />
<br />
just a thought. I hope I helped you.

I totally agree with you! I am kind of in the same situation as you. It's good to know that I am not alone after reading what you posted. I believe there are lots of gorgeous looking people out there who are still single and stayed single for the same reasons. We should not rush into any relationships until we are ready and certain about it. Learning from past experience and failed relationships will hopefully make us wiser in making choices in the future.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, so right, I am off to read more of your stuff now. x

OMG meeee toooo. My friends are always trying to set me up.I hate that they equate being single with being lonely and unhappy.

hahahah ! Thanks for speaking out for all of us smart women and men. LOL

Hell yeah! <br />
I mean if your pretty and single does that make you less attractive than the pretty and taken girls out there?<br />
People need to stop stereotyping... it makes them seem so shallow. <br />
<br />
Btw, I love your opinion on this, nice work;)

Yeah I have friends asking me why I'm single. It has been a while since my last girlfriend. I have no answer, and it's really annoying. I can't say I'm a hottie or anything, but wtf am I supposed to say to that? "I guess I'm ugly!", has been my most recent answer. <br />
My perspective as of late is that i DO need someone else, however. So i can't relate to you verbatim. But I do get what you're saying.

i totally get where your coming from! thats pretty much what i feel. ive been single for 8 months now... im sick of all the tossers out there, ill answer to myself, im not a robot and i dont tolerate ****. reguradless of how 'pretty' someone is, not everyone feels the need to be with someone. its ok to be single :)

finally someone that is voicing my frustrations everyone ALWAYS have the omg faces when i say am not dating then they go like "but your a model!"like that is the answer to why am not dating now that am not even modelling anymore they still insist on i should be dating and how guys are missing out on me!what in craps name is that!what about my happiness if am happy am single ppl should mind thier own business!!! being single is not a disease just a status!

Ok i get that alot. It really sucks.

hey, just like you i'm happy being single. Rock'On!!

Wow, I can totally relate to you, StarliteRose. I'm the oldest female niece who is single, and my family has been bugging me to get married already! What? I can't be happy and complete because I'm single? I too want to be married and have my own family, but I will do it on my own time, when I finally want to. In the meantime, I am enjoying being single and being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Here! Here! I applaud you!

"as though I'm somehow incomplete without a boyfriend to latch on to. I'm not a barnacle, or some kind of fungus---I can survive on my own!" Everytime I read this I actually make some high pitched squeaking sound. So true and so incredibly hilarious!<br />
<br />
And just for the record, I do wanna look like crap, just for the sake of looking like crap! <br />
It's how I roll.<br />
<br />
You are the funniest person on here...everything you write makes me laugh like an idiot...shut's true...I am but still...

Aww shucks! You're too kind! <br />
<br />
...... and my theory is that no one can laugh without looking like an idiot, that's why laughing is contagious--when you look at someone laugh, you can't help but want to laugh at the funny face and weird noises they're making...... now, if you don't mind, I have the powerful urge to laugh now.....<br />
<br />
....yes, like an idiot!

Even that made me laugh, ya idiot!

Youve been getting comments on this **** for like a year...werd<br />
<br />
How's that long break from dating going?

I KNOW, it get's comments all the time, and yet my vagina story got like 100 comments in less than a week! Lmfao XD

Vaginas are popular **** O.o<br />
<br />
Your singleness is aight i guess :P

lol :D .. I enjoyed reading it but I prefer not to comment on the main topic. Cos today I feel being single is cool and tomorrow I'll be yearning for the one I lost, the day after for someone new and the next again the feeling which I have today. The cycle is more or less periodic. haha :)

nice ; )

I'm in the same boat as you and get drilled with comments on why I'm still single. Sometimes there is no one way to answer them gracefully without feeling a little bit perturbed. I do attract all kinds of men but it always seems to be the weirdos and the desperate. I also would like to fall in love again but I'm in no rush to be in a relationship again. I enjoy pursuing my goals and my freedom to do what I want. Continue to enjoy your single status!

I bet u are very pretty but hey a girl is a girl she likes who she likes and nobody should try and deveate her from the path that she has chosen what that means is be who u are and dont let anybody change that about u p.s i bet there jus haters

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will i have nothing to say but this is cool

glad to hear you found a man:)

I believe the only good love is the one that finds you by chance, without being sought after, the one that happens when you are happy with yourself and therefore by yourself. I hope that is the one you have found :-)

so happy you finally meet yours and i hope that he is the one you've been waiting for..:D i am also single and actually do not have a boyfriend since birth..but that is totally fine..i enjoy my life embracing and tasting every moments of freedom..continuing rocking the world!:P

You are the kind of girl I hope will multiply all over the world.This tough life needs strong women who know what,when and how they want what they make me proud.

Thank you for sharing!

I hate the "you're attractive, you should be married" stuff. I hate the judgement on "looks." Attractiveness doesn't mean a thing. I just like being single. I like the lifestyle. What's wrong with that? Besides, being single helps keep the population down.

wow! i am really happy for you! before, i was in your shoes receiving comments from men of all races and ages, but sad to say most of them are weird, unhappy, cheaters, and desperate. i am not in a hurry as i had been through a lot of heartaches and betrayals and never want to go through it all again... how i wish i could find mine too soon... :)