Single and Hating It.

It's not just being single. I'm completely alone. I have only ever kissed one girl, and i have never really had a proper girlfriend. Girls don't even want to talk to me. I don't know whether it's because they find me unattractive or because they think i'm wierd but most of the girls at my school will simply avoid speaking to me. It's crushing. I feel alone and dead to the joys of my life that i should be enjoying.

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I've never kissed a girl, nor have I ever had a girlfriend. Introversion+atheist-charisma=single.<br />
Anyway, you're not alone in this.

Thanks everyone for the great advice. I'll try to keep it in mind, but i will probably slip up now and again. Still moving forward.

hey dont worry about it that what happend to me as well but i,m not concentrate on it too much think about ur future and what do u want to get out of life and then a girl who cares about u will come along

Heh, I wish I could say "no worries man" and you could take it to heart, but I know you wouldn't; I wouldn't when I was your age, I was often wondering why, out of all my friends, I was better being alone and such from middle-school until after graduation. <br />
Then someone epic entered my life, quite by accident, yadda-yadda **** didn't work, but I learned there are people out there worth knowing, just none of them lived anywhere near me :)<br />
She's long gone finally after 8 years of back-and-forth, but I learned a lot, loved a lot, and learned to find out the ones that are cool enough to deserve it. <br />
Lol, not saying you'll definitely meet somebody or anything like that, just saying other than the occasional "she looks hot"-type mini-crush I never even gave two shats about romantic-type material up until a point. Before then I was "trenchcoat" and such by my school and all my local friends, because it was freshly post-columbine and I was an outsider.<br />
Good luck to you when you'll need it most!

Thanks for all the great advice, but it's like i said on one of my other stories - i know who i am and what i want from life, and most of the time i feel fine. I just sometimes i feel that my life is missing something.

I think you need to focus on the things you really love doing and build up yourself. When you're happy with yourself and confident, it radiates and girls will notice. My brother was picked on growing up because he was small and didn't fit society's idea of "good looking." He learned early on that it didn't matter what everyone else thought. It mattered what he thought of himself most. So he figured out what he loved to do. He made grat friends who stod up for him and are stil in his life today. He learned to love himself. And he realized one day that he didn't mind being alone. He didn't have a room mate and learned to be okay on his own. He was still lonely. Those are two different things. He figured out that a girl can't make you happy..only you can make you happy. If you go into a realtionship putting all the responsibility of your happiness on a girl, then it is doomed to fail. Figure out who you are and find YOUR happiness first.<br />
When my brother finally found his confidence, the girls just happened! He smiled more, he knew he had a lot to offer a woman..and when you know that about yourself, it's easier to approach people you don't know with confidence. He's married now and he grew into his looks. He owns his own Architecture firm and has been in love with his wife for 6 years. Oh BTW, she was a model..and BEAUTIFUL! You will get there. Work on yourself. Those snooty girls aren't worth your frustration. Make yourself special and happy and you'll open a million doors to an amazing future for yourself and an amazing woman one day too.

Well you look like you're still in high school so i'll say this:<br />
<br />
High school girls (for the majority) don't know a damn thing about a good guy no matter what you try to tell them. They have no clue what they really want and if you aren't some MTV clone you'll go unnoticed but honestly do you want to put up with that? I'm in the same boat as you, I'm single and lonely but we are both too young to let it get to us that bad. Just wait till college, real women will take notice.

hi, there are still good girls and besides you are still young being "single" and "lonely".... try and try to approach girls and maybe change your style from time to time. be happy - )

aww..babe. girls are lame. trust :)<br />
p.s. please dont be one of those guys that just sells out to any chick

that's what u think, have u read the stories on here??? lol....<br />
what about girls that have the same interests as you or one that live in the same neighborhood or something?? life is hard to bear at times, certainly girls it doesn't become more bearable....<br />
ur acne aren't part of ur features....u r aesthetically pleasing to look at, with or without acne.

I know but the girls thing is a symptom of my life - i'm generally alone and sometimes it gets to me. My life would be that much more bearable if i had someone to be close and intimate with. -- and btw it's because i'm an expert at taking images that don't show up my acne.<br />
<br />
Thanks though.

don't be so down about yourself. girls are not all they're cracked up to be and you certainly will not always feel "joy" in knowing some of them nor peace. enjoy school, hang out with your friends, do something that truly brings you peace. btw- you look just fine to me :)