I look so tiny and I'm like 96lbs at 21yo /sighs no hope ;;-;:
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You look fine to me.

That's adorable. So cute

I like smaller girls :)

You are beautiful don't hesitate to anything

send me a pic and i will tell you honestly

I think you look cute

I don't understand why you would say, no hope. I'm certain that there are dozens of guys of high moral character waiting to date you and they're right in your zipcode area.
Perhaps it's your beauty or your stature that's intimidating for nice guys your age. Some guys feel someone with your great looks gotta have a boyfriend and just stay away.
Regardless of your relationship status, have loads of fun while you're so young. I'm positive that the right guy for you will soon make the scene and make you very happy.

There is an aspect in life that comes for everyone do you know what it is?

are you in fb ?

hello cute
lets become friends of each other ;)

u are beautiful

Add me so I can message you

Your beautiful, plenty of hope for you

I'm tiny as well and barely over 100 lbs. but I've met lots of guys who like petite girls, so don't worry you've got a large pool to pick from! :)

Aww you're beautiful! There's always someone for everyone :) (trust me, I didn't get married until I was 26 ;) )

Please tell me you live in ireland.......cus ur smokin....:) lol

Ahh well , my loss yet again, typical!!!! =\ ha baltimore? Isnt edubble from there?

Hey I'm not far from you. Frederick, Maryland. Let's go for a drinkπŸ˜‰

I was joking:)

I call that "fun size"

Don't knock your self one off my ex was petite but i don't mind admitting she could still pack a punch if you got her mad and lord knows i did

I see nothing wrong with you

"A pretty face can capture my attention but only a beautiful mind can hold it " #beautyfades

no u have hope 4 me!
can u b my girlfriend please!

I am positive that someone will find you soon. Awesome decals on the wall by the way.

You are pretty

You look very nice to me

I think you are Beautiful. Dear there's nothing wrong with being slender and petite. You will naturally gain weight as you get older. Don't worry about it. Wear clothes that flatter your slender petite shape.. Many women would kill to be your size!

You look as per the requirements of god, when he made you. Lol

You look preety

nothing to worry about, you're young, healthy and very cute in your pic. have you been dating much?

Love tiny girls

Nothing wrong with that, nice things come in small sizes

You're lovely and only 21. Plenty of time to meet someone. Wait until you're my age and recently dumped. :(

So baby girl,you're awful purty. Fun sized.

I bet all the dirty old daddy's are in boxing you now

please girls can get anything because we live in a ******* dumb world

No hope? You're selling yourself short you look amazing!

I think you'll see the response from everyone will be positive, your very pretty and as they say "size doesn't matter"πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ½

I love tiny women!!!!


Maybe you can try go to gym and get some tone muscles you will look fit and gain weight more healthy

I know how you feel I'm in my 20's but people still think I'm in my mid to late teens . I only get hit on by pedo's wich is very creepy And it also decrease the chance of being approached by adults my age because I assume most men I run into Think Im a teenager until they hear I have my own house and Salon. But I've learned how to deal with it.

You are beautiful. Learn to love yourself. It takes time.

I believe you look stunning! X

You look just fine to me!

Why is that bad I bet you are cute

If you are tall
You should go into modeling

It's easy money and it's A LOT of money and you get so much other assents to the job

And people care about what you are modeling

Only pervs care how you actually look

I'm not offering you anything ?

Plenty of guys like petite girls.

I look so bald sighs: they still are adamant on not growing thick and lustrous πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘well you could be bald I wish I had your hair πŸ˜†. No body is perfect, I bet even the perfect ones look for something imperfect πŸ˜€

Yes there is, you need to eat twice as much as you normally do! I took classes on nutrition. Double your caloric intake.

I understand that but in reality youre not. If you eat more then usual you'll see a difference. You have to be consistent with your food intake. Stay on the same routine everyday. I'm not saying you don't but people think they do, and their not.

Fact is that its a myth, and a lie to say its your body. Sugar, and junk wont make you gain weight at all. You need alot of meat with the fat, carbs like pasta, bread, whole grains, milks great cheese, and more. Junk wont do anything but hurt your heart and blood sugar. Try a protein shake with your food intake. I'm not being mean just hate when people say its just me. Its not. I promise you can do it!!!

Petite girl

Plenty of hope ur beautiful love

Dang eat more or something

What's wrong with being tiny?

no hope you send me some pictures you're a beauty everyone would date you!! and everyone would like to have a body like yours

I love tiny!

You look pretty good to me

Eat something please

What does the doctor say about your weight?

Ok great :)

Enjoy that hot body then :)

How is the compliment fishing going?

You look pretty cute :)

So what's wrong with your size?? I'd be more concerned with your personality.

No hope for what? your adorable.

you're young. You got plenty of time in your life to get a boyfriend. You should focus on college or a job than going off to spread your legs

It may be that you could focus on job and uni. But his answer was crude and uncalled for.

Yh but what a waste of a youthful hot body, I get where she's coming from but her weight has nothing to do with anything in this scenario.

We all just want a little fun and romance in our lives. It seriously sucks living without it. Simple intimacy it severely underrated!

made in china

Hahahaha wowb

Wow *

You're beautiful just the way you are

You look pretty :) the best things come in small packages... I'm also pretty small,guys actually love it! Some of my really tall friends are always complaining that they can't find a guy taller than they.

I was 100lbs 5'9" at 18 looked like a bean pole, worst part was finding jeans and slacks to fit. I am now 5'9" 143 lbs wish I was like 130 lbs. I have always been self conscious of how I look. (Right now I feel over weight)


I am 170 lbs haha

Ya I kind of on some diet now but now on vacation and I am like 3x your size

Oh Same here wE are Same age .. Where are You from

Gosh! I would love to be 21 and 96 pounds again!

Wow you are so pretty.mr right will come along when you least expect it

hi~! you are very pretty and im sure someone will like you! you just need to be patient and wait for the right person!

Perfect legs

Be proud you are stunning

Tiny enough to put into my pocket

You are very pretty :)

I think you look beautiful just perfect x

really ur 96lbs u r looking healthy and cute ;)

Perfectly proportioned. What is missing in your life that makes you so self critical?

Talk with us, we will turn you around, and make you in joy your self tex us.

You loo fine my friend would totally date you.

You're beautiful and I'm sure you will find Mr. Right if the time is right. Sometimes we have to be patient. :*

You look just great

Very pretty. I like tiny women

Dang, you are so hot, too bad I can't date you

Your body is quite fine to me! I would date you.

some people really like thin small people :)

but are you really that small?

oow i'm like the opposite of you :p i'm fat but super big

.......Eh, I've seen worse... ;v;

I'd still bone

I think you are quite pretty!