Are you ever in the mood to just lay with someone? Not have sex or anything, but just to curl up with someone and feel them next to you.. Yea, I miss that.
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that's cool

Absolutely, Madison. Snuggling and touch aren't exclusive to's vital for life itself!! Affection nourishes us in so many ways...spiritually, physically, emotionally. I know there's a lot of confusion about physical affection in this media sex crazy culture coupled with our hormones. So, it's my hope that you find soon some great snuggle buddies of either sex to nourish and replenish that loving energy.

Cuddle company. Yep.

I miss that just waking up and seeing someone next to you or falling asleep cuddling someone

Yes and often

yes. pretty often.

I often feel like that

Never felt it...

Yes I do every now and then. It sadly seems to be a lost art/means of connecting

I miss just sleeping next to someone. Clothes on, no sex, no kissing, just purely laying there shoulder to shoulder. Just like feeling that comfort at night, it's the best thing ever in my opinion.

I know the feeling, Ominousity. I grew up with four sibs close in age. My mom would bundle us up together for naps and such until I was around six or seven. People would remark to my mom that her kids seemed to get along well and were much calmer than a lot of kids they saw in other families. My mom would just nod and smile. You know, looking back on it, I sure have to tip my hat to her. That lady was beyond wise in this age of digital communication. Later, it lead to me feeling very relaxed around women no matter if there was a sexual attraction there or not. It made connecting much easier and more fun. Thanks Ma!

If you're into the person, cuddling is super awesome! But, the interesting thing is when you really like the person it just kinda happens (not sex. Cuddling). You're cuddling and you don't even think about sex and it just feels right to be there like that.

I miss that feeling alot, so miss my boyfriend :)

I'm sorry things didn't work out with him :/ I don't know your story but I do know that breakups suck

Yup, long time ago, any relationship has its own probs ~~

Time can give an odd sort of feeling to past relationships. It's happier than bittersweet but not a completely happy thought.

Thank you, i hope so too, i have other dates after then but i have not find the good feeling, so i still wait :)

Good luck :)

Seems to me, a very sweet thing, but a rare one, particularly stopping at it.

Haha 😆 good point

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I'm married over 30 years and I wish I could just cuddle with my wife, but she's late interest

I like cuddling a lot too. I don't really want to have sex unless I'm married and its passionate, not like hardcore ig you'd say

Non-sexual cuddling is amazing because it gives you that feeling of protection and closeness and intimacy. Just feeling their presence next to you and their warmth radiating around you, it's wonderful. Plus, human contact releases the hormone oxytocin which is the "feel good" hormone, so cuddling actually makes you feel great biologically and emotionally

Yeah cuddling is better then sex in my opinion. At least you know cuddling will last longer then 5 minutes

So true..

Something about cuddling that seems to literally stop TIME itself. Everything around you doesn't matter, but the person beautifully in front of you..


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Not my style of fun

Losing track of time and hours passing is good in both cases:)

Five minutes? Bummer

At least I have class. More then I can say for you. Insulting me for kicks. Need that extra rush to feel good about yourself? Meat market only lasts for so many years of your life then you end up having to pay for it. I wish you many call girls for your future buddy.

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Heart to heart.. Mouth to ear.. A whisper to whisper.. Skin to skin.. Love to a possible love.. Touch to a slight touch.. Breath to breath.. Open eye to open eye.. Shut eye to shut eye..

Yeah.. I definitely love holding someone like that..

The word beautiful doesn't even describe it..

No words really can.



I have forgotten what that feels like but I want to cuddle. I can't explain it other then I want to feel close to someone I can trust.

Yeah its a nice feeling.

Been there once or twice

That always seems to be more of a dream/fantasy then actually having sex. I'd say it's easier to have sex than merely lay down comfortably with someone without anticipating it turn into sex...

I don't think so, I believe you can just cuddle with someone without it leading to sex. And if you can't do that with someone, then I would say you don't have a very intimate or emotional connection with that person. Which is sad. Not everything has to be about sex.

That was my point. I totally agree with you. I'm sayin it's easier to go out and meet someone at a bar and then go back to ur place and have sex. Versus trustinf and being comfortable with someone enough to cuddle with them and being in that moment

That's true, which again I think is very sad /:

Everyday, :(