I swear to god that EP is filled with 13 and 14 year olds moaning about not being in a relationship. I'm 19 and haven't had a proper relationship. Get a grip on your life and shut up please!!!
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How can you say "shut up please" Let them express them express their feelings.

Everyone wants that special someone.

I'm 34 and I've just found the love of my life.
I've never complained about not having someone.
I've just had a lot of the wrong someone.
Which I still can't tell is better or worse than just being alone.

Some people are 25-30 and haven't ever dated or been in a relationship...

So like get a grip

Preach girl

That's a selfish, childish thing to say. Different people of different ages have different needs.

Learn to share.

I can share but when people comment all the time for attention there is just no need

I agree that complaining about not being in a relationship is stupid no matter what age.

they are lonely and don't always see past that much. EP should be a place without judgment, to share feelings, relate, and support each other. This is very rude.

You obviously don't know what my you are saying. They are allowed to say there peace as well as you can do yours. You telling someone they are rude is and oxymoron because they can do the same back. Good job * drumroll drop mic exit stage left *

Please calm down no need to be mad at people here or spoil all your angry here not kind sorry

i hope you find what you search

Lol, they be needy.

Thats not really fair to say as half of them might actually just be lonely and need someone to cheer them up, they could have self confidence issues or even just feel alittle unwanted by everyone so this website could be the only thing they have to vent all those pent up feelings of loneliness. i dealt with loneliness all my life and even now i find myself isolated more than ever even tho im moved out of home, not to mention that i was bullied most of my high school life and left out as an outcast to the other students, sure i didn't go online and cry about any of this like alot of kids do these days but still i can see why they do feel the way they do, my point being that some of these kids "moaning" about not being in a relationship might just want to find someone else that understands them, soooo you should probably think more on how you view lonely people, its not they're fault they feel lonely.

Fair point I guess

Some just want attention thi

Well thanks for not blowing up on me for defending them XD i honestly thought i might have come across as being a ****, sorry if i did :P but yeah, thank you for seeing my point heh.

I can see your point however some people post stuff every 5 minutes which is stupid and there are more important things for teenagers to be focusing on like school

yeah, i would agree with that, some of them are just attention ****** with nothing better to do other than spamming someone online or a forum with "poor me" notes

Haha yep

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smiling , yes i also cringe when i read that dribble lol

Preach! 😂


16...soon 17 with no relationship, Full stop. It is outrageous to quite a big extent

My little cousin who's 7 has a 'relationship' and I'm thinking wtf is wrong with me. a fair amount of my friends are not Virgins already.

I feel like the odd one out

Hmm enjoy life for what it is worth

Haven't found its worth for a while...then again moderate depression (clinical) doesn't help me really.

Ah I see well hope you find someone who makes you happy

7 is way too young to have a relationship. Wow.

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I'm forty one and single. It's totally fine to be single. Enjoy your life.

Oh I do completely. I just get annoyed when I see young people moanibg

They need to slow down and enjoy life. I've been single a year or a little more and yes I'm lonely but I will not jump into another toxic relationship. What they will get is that if they aren't patient.

Hope you find someone !!

Yeah !

I try. But I am realizing I have to except my fate no matter how harsh it is.

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