Honestly who even needs to date when you've got a super nice shower head
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what if there is a water shortage?


lol, there are other reasons and other rude reasons, which iss tell if u wanna here

fk a shower head and inbox me

Add me so I could message you

Lol okay that was kinda funny

You can also use "Palmala"

Not gonna lie but letting warm water run over your **** is THE BEST. Anyway women are better off getting ****** from clitoris stimulation rather than a penis penetration 🚨

hun then u have met the wrong guys !

So true.

no way what about hugs .kisses and cuddles ? sex is nt just the ****** it is the build up

i always maintain , it s much better with a man at the other end!

Of course.....if he knows how to do it just right!

how true lol but u can have fun showing him !

I'm tired of teaching...want to start learning

know what you mean , my first approach is to stimulate the man, and let nature takes it s course!
some men tho ,regard female stimulation , like a check list or questionaire ! lol

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im single n looking too!

And how often do you do that?

I haven't had a good shower head in quite awhile..just standard. I have been doing it since I realized I could at 14. It can make me come in seconds sometimes; and this is coming from a woman who is notoriously hard to get to ******.
Thank God for proper pressure.

Lol! What a great way to be. Ahh sometimes you forget what positivity is on this site

BEST. POST. EVER! I'm dying 😂

Honestly, who needs to date when there's only 7 billion people in the world?
Or if you've got your right hand and some lotion lol

so true :)

You can get better toys

Thanks for your opinion but I have better ones so it wasn't necessary

Soooooooo true

Yum or a jack hammer(~.•

wow never thought of that!

i dont understand

How sad

True, true.

I hate to say it but you are very right in a lot of cases. I consider myself to be a very good person. I would go out of my way to help anyone that needed it. I have a problem that keeps me from dating. It is a bit of a mental problem. I'm think I'm very good looking and almost have my life going in the right direction however I have been told that I am Bi-polar. Being like that is not just happy or sad. It can be any feeling and the complete opposite times ten to the ninth power. When I love I am convinced that I love more than anyone on the planet. Then I have down times its these down times that makes me put on a fake face and tell people what they want to hear. My work actually benefits from this when I am scared or shy or just plain down I will make promises and go a step further and keep them at my expence of body, mind, and soul. Long story short I make lots of money from being like this but I have no way harnessed it. That is why I cant date. Who would ever want to wake up the next day to a person that was not the same person the day before? I could never put someone else through what I go through. I would give anything to not be alone but its not going to happen. Since I'm a guy I don't know much about the shower head thing but I can tell you this. It does not have any feelings to hurt so I should give it a try. I wish you well. Thanks for the chat.

They say a woman does know how to please a woman better than a man does

What about us single men?

What about you

sometimes the right thing to do is to stay single because its best to not mess up anybody's life that you could very much care about.

We don't get the pleasure of a shower head like a woman does

Well..there's fleshlights... 😒 eehhhh yeah.... @-@

Yea but you guys have been enjoying the company of tube socks and your own hands since forever

Very true but you forgot to add lotion or lube. It is still not the same as the real thing or a woman's hand

I don't understand. How do I go about this? Where does the tube sock come in at. I would really like to know. It might be something I could try

Um go ask a guy.

A person can't just go around asking questions like that to another guy. Really I've never heard of the tube sock thing. I promise I won't do it or anything.

I'm not talking about this

Honestly I cant blame you and it might save me from hanging myself with a tube sock or something crazy you people are into these days. Hope you find the biggest shower head you can find and hook it up directly to a fire hydrant. I swear it won't hurt a bit and could possibly dislodge that stick up your *** that keeps you from having a relationship.

Lol so you're getting mad at me because I won't answer your question about getting off with a tube sock? Wow, what a great guy you are. It's not my job to walk you through something so simple that 12 year old boys can figure out by themselves.

Yeah really what an immature excuse for a boy, he wishes he could get a woman but we won't considering he's not a man himself. ShaneFunk get the **** outta here you rude insecure little boy, how childish can you get?

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..... I like where this is going. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)